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The HTC One X Top 4

HTC Sense, a user interface with you in mind, leads the way with some killer hardware and apps backing it up.

1: Never Miss A Shot
HTC Sense allows you to access the One X’s amazing 8-megapixel camera in under a second, which means you’re up and ready to shoot faster than ever. Use its quick, no-delay shutter to capture all the action instantly, but for the best of both worlds, you can snap stills while shooting an HD video.

2: Easy Access
HTC Sense’s customizable lock screen lets you access favourite apps directly from the lock screen. Quickly check the weather or stocks – whatever your heart desires

3: Car Friendly
HTC Car puts the things you need while driving front and centre. Make hands-free calls and enjoy one-touch turn-by-turn navigation, stored music and internet radio.

4: Storage King
Just by opening the Dropbox app, the HTC One X gives you a 25GB boost to your Dropbox account for two years. If you’re already a user of the popular file-hosting service, then we don’t need to tell you how awesome that is. If you’re not – well, there’s no time like the present.


Sleek Design
Available in pristine white, the super-slim HTC One X commands attention. The design is minimalist and smooth, with clean lines, discrete buttons and a gracefully curved screen.

Beats Audio Integration
Featuring Universal Beats Audio, the device turns automatically adjusts to work perfectly with whatever headset is connected.

Power & Speed
The One X, with its dual 1.5 GHz processors, might even beat your laptop in terms of speed. The Android 4.0-powered device runs on the Rogers LTE network, so you can expect internet connection speeds comparable to your wired home connection – perfect for on-the-go online gaming and live streaming of TV and movies.

Brilliant Screen
The colossal 4.7-inch 720p HD screen with amazing sharpness turns HD videos and mobile games into visual spectacles. And don’t worry about scratches or scrapes; the screen is protected by Corning’s ultra-tough Gorilla Glass.


  • 16 GB Internal Storage: Tons of space for pictures & songs
  • 4.7″ 720p HD screen: Huge & High Def, a Media Lover’s Dream
  • 8 MP rear camera: Snap pictures in High Resolution
  • 1.3 MP front camera: For Quick Self-Portaits
  • 1.5 GHz dual core processor: Seriously Speedy for True Multi-Tasking
  • 4.0 Android Ice Cream Sandwich: Intuitive OS with Apps Galore

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