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1. Click & Grow Planter

US$79 |
Lack a green thumb? No problem. Insert a seedplant disc, fill with water and watch your basil, chilies or tomatoes grow.

2. Tower Garden Growing System

US$500 |
Apartment dwellers needn’t feel left out with this soil-free, no-weeding-required indoor garden.

3. AreoGarden Ultra

$250 |
Bring the outdoors in with this high-tech countertop herb (or anything) garden.

4. Atlantic Water Gardens RHCRU Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter

US$92 |
Attach this spout to eavestroughs for clean rainwater. A fine metal filter sifts out bugs, debris and grime.

5. Brinno Digital Time-Lapse Camera

US$219+ |
Document the growth of your plants, or use it to investigate what or who is getting into your garden at night.

6. Bird-B-Gone Solar Bird Repeller

$111 |
Solar-powered rotating arms repel large unwanted birds from helping themselves to your garden goods.

7. Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Outdoor

$130 |
If only plants could speak. With this cool sensor, they do! Whenever your plants need care, Koubachi sends your iOS device a notification with precise care advice.

8. Bug-A-Salt

US$35 |
Slay pesky mosquitos and other insects while you garden with this safe and easy-to-use salt gun.

9. High-Tech Plant Examining Glasses

US$70 |
Spot dying plant patches before the telltale signs appear with these NASA-inspired goggles.

10. Portable Databases Garden Tracker App

$2 | iOS
Create garden plans and harvesting check-lists with this app.

11. Black & Decker PlantSmart Digital Plant Care Sensor

US$50 |
After getting a plant reading, plug the USB into your computer for expert recommendations and tips on how to help your plants thrive.

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