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Whether you’re on a budget or in the woods on a camping trip – or even if you just forgot your dock at home – these five DIY speakers make it easy to amp up the audio on your smartphone. All are made from only one basic material found around the house (or campsite), and each takes less than five minutes – and just one step – to assemble. MacGyver would be proud.

Using a Bowl

Grab a bowl of any size and material – plastic, glass, ceramic and wood are all fine –  and place the phone inside with the speaker tilted toward the bottom of the bowl. The rounded bowl shape helps create a fuller sound.

Using Paper

Roll a sheet of paper into a cone, wrapping the smaller end around the speaker-end of the phone, then secure with tape. A longer piece of paper will amplify the sound farther.

Using a Toilet-Paper Roll or Paper-Towel Roll

Using a utility knife, cut a slit along the length of the tube in the centre; it should be just the right size to fit the speaker-end of the phone. Then slide the end of the phone in through the slit without pushing it all the way to the inside wall of the tube. This helps direct the sound in two directions.

Using a Paper Cup

Similar to the bowl idea above, place the phone, speaker-end down, into an upright paper cup. The raised cup bottom allows vibration to help increase the sound.

Using Your Hand

Ok, this is a bit of a cheat – but you’ll always have this makeshift speaker with you. To boost the sound of your smartphone, just cup your hand around the speaker to direct the sound toward yourself.

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