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You know the old adage: “Good things come to those who wait.” If you’ve been waiting patiently for the latest BlackBerry release, you’ll no doubt fall in love with BlackBerry 10. Without abandoning what made BlackBerry such a universally sought device in the first place – fast typing and messaging, the best battery around and security that even banks and governments trust – BlackBerry upped the ante with features every smartphone owner loves and relies upon: blazing speed, smooth multi-tasking, a killer web browser, smart cameras and apps galore. Here’s a look at what makes the new BlackBerry so hot.

BlackBerry 10 Smartphone at a Glance

  • LTE connectivity. That means super-fast downloads and seamless browsing
  • 1.5 GHz processor: That means smooth and fast multi-tasking
  • 8 MP camera: That means pro-level photos and video
  • 4.2-IN 1280 x 768 screen: That means a gorgeous HD display, great for vids and pics
  • 16GB storage: That means ample room for media and other files

BlackBerry Hub

You’re watching a video, browsing the web or playing a game and you notice a blinking red light on top of your phone – a new message awaits. Pause what you’re doing by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and over to the right to peek at BlackBerry Hub. It’s your command centre for all incoming messages, be it email, text (SMS), BlackBerry Messenger, social media updates, voicemail – you name it. The Hub lets you instantly choose whether or not to reply, or just let the screen snap back in place and seamlessly continue with what you were doing.

Speed Demon

When you get your BlackBerry Z10 through Rogers, you’ll be on the Rogers LTE network – Canada’s fastest wireless internet. From downloading and streaming to video chatting and multi-tasking, you won’t believe how fast your Z10 operates on Rogers LTE. For more information, visit

BBM Video with Screen Share

Similar to BBM Voice, which lets you chat for free with other BBM users anywhere in the world over Wi-Fi, BBM Video lets you switch from a BBM chat to a BBM Video conversation with a simple tap. Not only can you catch up with someone face-to-face using the BlackBerry’s front-facing camera, but you can also initiate Screen Share, which lets the person you’re chatting with see what’s on your screen, be it a document, photo, game, web browser and so on. Or tap to share what your rear camera sees.

Time Shift and BlackBerry Story Maker

All smartphones take photos, but only BlackBerry 10 devices have Time Shift mode, which captures a few milliseconds before and after you snap the photo. Scroll back and forth to select the perfect shot – perhaps one where your eyes aren’t closed and another, a split second later, where your friend isn’t sticking his tongue out – and then combine them into the same photo. How crazy cool is that? Once you’ve created the perfect shot by turning a couple of dials with your fingertips, weave those moments together to create a movie in just a couple of swipes using Story Maker, and then share it online. BlackBerry 10 also shoots super-sharp HD video.

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Keyboard

BlackBerry now has touchscreen typing. What’s more, the new virtual BlackBerry Keyboard learns how you type and cleverly adapts, so you can write faster, and with the least amount of effort. Your BlackBerry will suggest words as you type, and if you’d like to use them, simply swipe up on the screen and keep going.

What Else?

We’re just scratching the surface on what else BlackBerry 10 devices are capable of. There’s also BlackBerry Remember, which lets you view and organize your interests, ideas and projects in one single location; BlackBerry Balance, to help you manage your personal and professional lives on your one device (all your personal apps and info are kept separate and private from work data); a redesigned BlackBerry Browser that’s fast, powerful and versatile enough to handle whatever you throw at it. Also noteworthy: the huge amount of apps, music and videos now available for download in the revamped and renamed BlackBerry World storefront. Or touch your NFC-enabled BlackBerry to another BlackBerry and share files.


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35 thoughts on “BlackBerry 10: Black is Back

Phil, on said:

I picked up my Z10 a few weeks ago (from Rogers) and I pretty much haven’t put it down since :)

The fluidity of the UI is pretty much unparalleled; their advertising tag line "Keep Moving" is quite apropos. The gesture-based UI took a very short period of time to learn. I already find myself "swiping" on my other devices and being disappointed that nothing happens; it becomes second nature very quickly.

From communications, to reading, to games, to audio/video entertainment… this is a full-featured device out-of-the-box. I can’t recommend it enough.


    anjelicia, on said:

    I got mine a few days ago and can not figure this out. I read everything and am ready to return it…Any help would be appreciated..


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Anjelica,
    Thank you for your inquiry. As noted in our Comment Policy, this site is not intended to replace Rogers’ Customer Service channels. We’d be happy to help and you have a number of available options to reach us at or Twitter @RogersHelps and Facebook at

Jim Anderson, on said:

For those of us stuck in a term-contact we can only admire new products from a distance while we wait eons for our locked-in contracts to expire years from now.


    Steve, on said:

    no you don’t, talk to a retensions rep, if you’re a good client with many services, they will waive many fees to keep you a client.

Jock, on said:

I wanted to buy the New BB z10 but Rogers informed me that no "program" from older BB coud not be transfered to Z10.
That is not good and I can’t believe that RIM still does’nt get it. All my medical programs need to be transfered and I will probable not got with new BB till that is possible.


Gary, on said:

IPhones are like Tommy Hilfiger, you are buying status symbols. BB10 is just as good if not better than IPhone or Samsung. Plus its Canadian and made in my hometown.


    Darlene, on said:

    Ive had alot of phones over the years but far the best one to date for me is my Samsung. Have never had any issues with it at all. Had to send my blackberry in several times and it was just a terrible phone. Will always stick with the samsung Galaxy series.

Joe Berger, on said:

I hope that BB brings out a 10 with keyboard like the torch and the same screen size as my Smsung note. Got to wayt 2 years any way till my phone is mine.


Amsey Horst, on said:

I currently have a BlackBerry Bold 9900. It drives me crazy. The touch is way far too sensitive. I am also on my 3rd BlackBerry in less than 2 years.

BlackBerry has proven to be too unreliable for me. No way am I going to get another, I don’t care how new and improved it may be RIM has driven me away.


syed tanweer, on said:

If you really looking for best strategy to grab millions of customers my best suggestion to rogers is that to offer all new phones current and future products with no-term contract simple give all the options i.e calling and data just $ 25 +20 dollar device fee until the cost of the device is covered then you will see how people will attract this offer just try and get the result as a loyal customer since last 12-years with rogers this is a voice of millions of people.


PJ Laker, on said:

I’m switching to Z10 as soon as my contract ends later this year. Other family members have switched from their Iphones and love the Z10. I am more and more buying Canadian made products so that we can keep our young brains working and in Canada.


Michael Mykichuk, on said:

In knowing what I get with the iPhone as a established professional, I am sure blackberry will find it difficult to lure away current iPhone users. Re evaluate your marketing plan, offer 3 month free trial periods for iPhone users or look towards the future and market kids who may not be quit set in their ways,yet still offer it at a rate that no one can deny. ie, parents buying a phone and plan for their kids.


Dave, on said:

New Z10 blows the others away
.. i love mine


Dustin, on said:

Rogers your poor customer service and inflated bills have helped sway me to change to anyone other than Rogers. When my contract ends I’m pulling my cell, cable, home phone and internet from you greedy corporate monsters….worst customer service EVER!


    Joe Berger, on said:

    The only way I would change away from Rogers would be if I move to a place where Rogers does not have LTE and someone else does. Compared to Bell I feel like a VIP. Nothing but unsolved problems with Bell. Sat TV had way to many "out times’" Payd extra $30.00 vor my home phone, but no one showed up to help,cell network stank almost much as the service. Sure Rogers is not perfeck either, but the customer service helped me to solve all my problems,they did not blame me Bell did.

    Laura, on said:

    This comment is really suprising to me… Of all the companies I deal with on a regular basis, I find that Rogers and Cogeco are the only two that offer a great customer service experience… I guess it all depends on the representative that you get when you call in… :-)

    @Rogers_Chris, on said:

    Sorry to hear that Dustin. We’re @RogersHelps on Twitter or if you need assistance.

    Bernie, on said:

    Wow, sounds like you had a singularly bad experience once with Rogers. If I could get my internet from them, I would be there in a moment. Rogers seems to be the only company these days that actually answers the phone!!. I had a problem with how the family plan bill looked, provided feedback, AND THEY CHANGED THE BILL TO WHAT I WAS SUGGESTING, THE NEXT MONTH!!! I love Rogers. Been using Blackberry with them since the original, classic blue models. Have never had a problem in 10+ years that couldn’t be resolved immediately.

Dean Weber, on said:

Had mine the very same day they came out and love it. The browser is so fast, you can literally do 8 things at once (true multi tasking), no home button just simple swipe gestures is fast and smooth, the predictive keyboard allows me to type with one thumb and swipe up the words while carrying my briefcase or luggage. It looks good and feels good in the hand with the nice textured back, the operating system powers the space ship, nuclear plants, cars, it is so powerful — to give you and idea I was on business had the GPS going (it is Tomtom and full map and voice guided), was talking on the phone to my fiance, surfing the web, bbm a friend, looking up a contact address, sending an email and checking the weather — all aps open and live running at once. No other phone can do this the way BB10 can.


@BhuDeo, on said:

I was one of the people who was PATIENTLY waiting for BlackBerry 10. I have been using it for 2 months now and I love it! Good things!!!!

I wasn’t sure how I would make the jump from a physical keyboard to a touchscreen. To be honest the transition was easier than I thought!

Great device!



al garcia, on said:

what will it cost me to up grade or trade in my android phone to blavkberry z 10


    Bob fulford, on said:

    You haven’t answered the question of upgrading from an Android device to BB 10. I would also like to know.

    Bob fulford

    @Rogers_Chris, on said:

    Hi Bob. Contact us on Twitter @RogersHelps or at

    @Rogers_Chris, on said:

    You can find out what your upgrade costs are by visiting MyRogers. Alternatively, you can speak with a customer care rep about your account in store, by phone, or through live chat. We’re also here to help @RogersHelps on Twitter or

Beth Walpole, on said:

I am waiting for the Blackberry 10 with a keypad, please let me know when they are scheduled to come out. Please add me to the list of potential first buyers.


Wilf Gobert, on said:

I first contacted Rogers tech support for my new Z10 on February 28th and paid to service by telephone with a tech. It took another five sessions, totaling more than twelve hours for Blackberry’s tech support desk to fix all the issues and make wifi connection for my contacts and calendar. Thankful RIM Tech bent over backwards to help.


    Frank, on said:

    I was told at Rogers store I can still sync contacts and Calendar, well not so easy Called Rogers NO SUPPORT, call Blackberry. After 30 minutes talking about enterprise servers and getting codes I give up. If I can’t solve, back it goes. So much being a supporter of RIM or whatever name it’s under.
    Anybody know how the sync contacts and calendar?

    @Rogers_Chris, on said:

    Contact us on Twitter @RogersHelps or at

    Lesley, on said:

    You can sync it with your google calendar, and it automatically syncs any changes made through the phone or google. I have been using an iPhone for 4 years and all of my products are mac, so I have really gotten used to the convenience of having my computer calendar automatically sync to my phone, but this set up works well also.
    Just do a google search for out how to set it up. I found a good link for it and since lost it, but it was easy to find.

Jaydeep Bhadra, on said:

Hey Rogers customers,

I just switched over from an iPhone 5 and must say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the awesomeness of the z10!

The HUB function is fantastic but more than anything, I love the fact that I don’t have a home button! Blackberry’s Chief Marketing Officer was right when he shared that the home button style interface is antiquated. This gesture based interface is freaky and refreshing.

One thing that I wish the z10 had that the iDevices have is a more polished user interface/experience. I’ll give you an example: on the iPhones, if I were listening to music and a call came in, the music would fade out and the ring would fade in. On the z10, the change over from music to phone call is not as smooth and as a result of coming from the iDevice, I regard this as a bit abrasive. It was the attention to these tiny details that made the user experience for the iDevices so welcoming and warm.

Overall, I love my z10 and hope Blackberry all the success in the world!

Jaydeep Bhadra


Sebastian Terzo, on said:

Too little too late apple and android (Samsung ) the best


Mario Fanzolato, on said:

Going to a Rogers plus store to check it out today.


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