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Photography Greg Hall


Whoever said you can’t get an awesome Android phone at an affordable price obviously hasn’t held the HTC Desire C. Perfect for a middle-school student – or anyone looking to try Android for the first time – this sleek device packs a punch with Beats Audio integration, a 5-megapixel camera and the ability to download thousands of A-grade apps from Google Play. Equally enjoyable to students and parents footing the bill, the Desire C features Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), built with the student in mind. It’s got real-time speech-to-text transcription (speak your emails and texts), more homepage personalization, Face Unlock (your phone unlocks when you look at it) and much, much more. Read more about it here ».


Doing well in high school means staying organized, on top of homework assignments, tests and deadlines. Yeah, everyone knows that. But what you might not know is that the Xperia ion can help you stay organized while also letting you blow off some after-school steam. This cool, dynamic Android device is set up for gaming, music and videos and all the apps and social media you can handle. This is one stellar smartphone. Read more about it here ».


You may still be a student, but you’re not a kid anymore, so it’s time for a powerful, cutting-edge, grown-up smartphone. Enter the Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung’s third and most impressive incarnation of its flagship Galaxy smartphone boasts a sophisticated operating system, a sleek, lightweight chassis and high-tech features that will help make this exciting new stage of your life easier – not to mention more fun. Read more about it here ».

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5 thoughts on “Back-To-School Smartphones

sandy, on said:

Every carrier has a wide variety of great phones. What you need to work on is competing with the awesome plans your competitors have.
The phone doesn’t matter if the plan has no value.


    Diego, on said:

    Just an FYI, I inherited this phone from my wife. She ran it for about 6 mntohs and changed to a blackberry. I started playing around with it once it became mine. I too was frustrated about all the widgets being in CHINESE.. I went into SETTINGS -> Privacy -> FACTORY DATA RESET and everything rebooted in ENGLISH, all the widgets etc are there in English (once selected) no more Chinese. I am appalled at the battery life even with JUICE DEFENDER installed.

Sharon Clark, on said:

Can I uprade my blackberry on 204-230-6201 to the smart phone you have in the the top picture.


Dian Smith, on said:

Am I eligible for this phone. My cell number is 780-951-5194


S. Mongeon, on said:

What about the iPhone 4 or 4S? It is a suitable competitor to the Galaxy at the university level. You seem to leave out another good choice in your 16 Aug article. Its inclusion would make a better balanced product round-up.


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