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You’ve got a smartphone and tablet and, when it comes to email, social media and browsing the mobile Web, nothing beats these devices. But as far as extended reading goes – think: ebooks and longer articles – nothing quite matches the sharp, paper-like display of a dedicated eReader.

Kobo Touch

$100 | Best for: Travellers

The Canadian connection, Kobo gives you a selection of free classic books to get started. Store 1,000 books on your device or toss in a microSD card for even more. Free Kobo apps also let you access your library in the cloud on a wide variety of devices. The Kobo Touch offers one month of uninterrupted reading on a single charge. Now that’s something.

Kindle Paperwhite

$129 | Best for: Night owls

The original eReader, the Kindle Paperwhite has a screen that looks better and sharper than most books. Its built-in light casts an even, glare-free glow over the entire page, making it perfect for bedtime reading. Amazon also has a truly massive electronic book, magazine and newspaper library on its side.

Sony Reader

$100 | Best for: Students

With Evernote built right in, the Sony Reader lets you instantly access articles, notes and other clippings wherever you are. Plus, clip and store research notes from a book you’re reading to your Evernote account. While the touchscreen is responsive and works well with your finger or thumb, the included stylus makes it easier to highlight or clip a passage.


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