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It’s always exciting to get your hands on a new smartphone. Adding to that buzz is an array of cool accessories that give flair to your phone, and help protect and prolong its life. Not only does Rogers offer the newest gadgets, it also has you covered when it comes to trendy trimmings. Here are six must-have accessories for your new device.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4 S-View Cover

Designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S4, this sleek and ultra-thin flip case features a transparent backside. Made of both silicon and plastic, it protects your screen from scratches and wear. Unlike previous Samsung flip cases, the S-View features a rectangular window, allowing you to see important features on your screen like notifications and battery power. Equipped with a magnetic trigger, flipping the case open will wake the phone and closing it will power off unnecessary LED lights to preserve the battery.

2. Samsung Desktop Dock

Traditional chargers sometimes put phones out of commission – and there’s only so much you can do while you wait for your table-ridden, lifeless device to energize. The Samsung Desktop Dock charges in an upright position, giving you the freedom to easily access your phone while it charges. Take advantage of hands-free video chats, or multitask and watch a movie with your phone conveniently propped.

3. HTC Double Dip Case for HTC One

No matter how careful you are with your phone, everyday wear and tear is unavoidable. Cushion the blow of accidental bumps, scratches and dreaded drops with this trendy, high-quality polycarbonate snap cover. Precisely cut, the modern design caters to the many ports of the HTC One.

4. HTC Media Link HD

Remember that really funny clip you recently watched on YouTube? Share it with your friends using the HTC Media Link HD and avoid the uncomfortably close huddles usually associated with phone show-and-tell. It couldn’t be easier: with the HTC Media Link HD, you can wirelessly transfer content from your phone – videos, live streams or images – to any HDMI-capable TV for a mirrored projection.

5. BlackBerry Q10 Leather Swivel Holster

This isn’t your typical leather smartphone holster. This BlackBerry Q10 Leather Swivel Holster incorporates a special power-saving technology to help prolong battery life, while a soft inner lining adds protection and a magnetic clip offers security. Plus, you can affix it comfortably because it has a 360-degree rotating belt clip.

6. BlackBerry Q10 Extra Battery Charger Bundle N-X1 Battery

The perfect companion for a trip or in case of emergency, the Battery Bundle charges your BlackBerry and a backup battery simultaneously.  It’s lightweight and features a built-in Micro USB cable, making transporting this small but mighty lifesaver a breeze.

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