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1. Retro Floral iPad case

$48 |

Vibrant and floral, this retro-patterned case protects your iPad and easily transforms into a two-position stand. So whether you’re relaxing outdoors or on the couch, catching up on your favourite shows with the Rogers Anyplace TV app or simply browsing the web, this case will keep your device protected and stylish.

2. The Cell Lens Pouch

$15 |

Tote your smartphone camera add-ons with this pouch, which fits easily into your phone’s headphone jack and keeps your lenses safe while you’re on-the-go. Available in bright colours such as teal and cherry red, these pouches work well with iPhone 4 or 5, iPad and Android devices.

3. You’re in Charge iPhone Battery Pack

$35 |

Nowadays, having a low battery on your iPhone is the equivalent of your car running out of gas. If you can’t go anywhere without your iPhone, a back-up battery is necessary. Along with its multicoloured, zigzag pattern, this accessory holds a charge time of up to three hours.

4. Purple Keyboard Cover

$18 |

Is your computer in need of some spring cleaning? Keep your laptop dirt free and in style with this colourful keyboard cover. An ideal fit for a MacBook Pro 13-, 15- or 17-inch.

5. JAMBOX by Jawbone Wireless Speaker – Red

$180 |

A go-to pick for stellar, on-the-go sound, Jawbone’s red portable speaker/speaker-phone lets you enjoy tunes from your latest playlist and take conference calls in the car. In both cases, you’ll get clear streaming audio from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac.

6. Nerd Herder Gadget Wallet in Notes Afloat

$30 |

Wallets aren’t just for credit cards and cash anymore; a wallet can also carry our tech companions. This nautical-themed wallet can house your smartphone or iPod, with room to spare for your earbuds and USB sticks.

7. eFuture Clear Yellow Bunny Case for iPhone 5

$3 |

Been seeing a lot of bunny-framed phones lately? Expect to see more this spring. With a soft, removable tail to prop up your iPhone 5, this colourful case helps protect your smartphone. The bunny ears and bright colour also make it easy to spot and fish out of your bag when you’re in a hurry.

8. Speck 13-inch SmartShell Case for MacBook Pro

$50 |

With so many smartphone and tablet accessories, it can be easy to neglect your laptop. Protect and customize your MacBook Pro with this durable, glossy green SmartShell Case.

9. Kirk from Home USB Flash Drive

$25 |

Got a bunch of generic USB drives lying around? Spruce things up by saving your files on a fun and colourful USB stick. You can even find one that’s themed with your favourite TV or movie series.

10. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon 13-inch Commuter Bag

$126 |

Are you a tech geek who carries a laptop wherever you go? If so, then you’ll love sporting around your computer in this knockout pink commuter bag, complete with an optional shoulder strap.

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