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getting started: windows


When Windows Phone 8 launched, the buzz was palpable. And for good reason. The operating system boasts some pretty cool features – from the resizable and customizable Live Tiles and free storage in SkyDrive to its built-in NFC, turning your phone into a mobile wallet. And the devices currently running the OS (including handsets from Nokia and Samsung) are sleek, powerful and definitely turning heads.


Voicemail set up, Visual Voicemail, Bluetooth and more.

Voicemail Set-Up & Shortcuts - Set-up instructions and other useful tips to get the most out of your voicemail.

Voicemail to Text - Convert your wireless voicemail to text and read them right to your device.

Set-Up Visual Voicemail - Voicemail is pushed to your device so you can listen to your messages without having to dial into your voicemail service.

Set-Up Bluetooth - Connect Bluetooth enabled devices to your Windows Phone wirelessly.


Everything you need to know to get your email up and running.

Set-Up & Add Email Accounts - Read and send email on your device by setting up your email accounts.


Text Messaging, Extreme Text Messaging and more.

Text Messaging 101 - Everything you need to know about text messaging.

Extreme Text Messaging Tips - Auto-reply to text messages, block senders, create distribution lists and more.

Send Picture or Video Messages - Snap a picture or video and text it to a friend.


A guide to apps and how to download them.

Apps - Get the latest on the best apps

Download Apps - Search and download apps in the Windows Phone Store.

Sync & Backup

Everything you need to know about backing up and syncing your Windows Phone data.

Back-Up Contacts - Make a copy of your contacts by backing them up.

Sync your Outlook Calendar - Use Outlook at home? You’ll want that calendar to be matched up with your phone’s calendar.

Manage Multiple Calendars - Manage your various calendars in one handy spot.

Switch from iPhone to Windows Phone 8 - Moving your content – everything from your contacts to your music – from your iOS device to your new Windows Phone 8 requires a few steps. Here’s how to do it.


Helpful hints, tips and tricks to make using your Windows Phone a breeze.

Windows Phone Keyboard Tips - Punctuate faster, search with one click and add special characters.

Must-Have Phone Accessories - Sweet, you got your new smartphone! Now it’s time to jazz it up with some cool accessories, available straight from Rogers.

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