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getting started: blackberry


Long the go-to smartphone for business people, the BlackBerry has built a reputation as one of the most reliable smartphone brands on earth. BlackBerry fans are some of the most devoted, raving about everything from the device’s BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to the physical keyboard that many can’t live without. Click the tabs above to get started with your new BlackBerry device.

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry upped its game in 2013 when it released its redesigned BlackBerry 10 operating system and the Z10 and Q10 smartphones launched with it. Say hello to a wide range of apps, a killer web browser, cool camera features, top speeds – and a sleek, sexy look. Here’s a how-to guide to getting started »


Set-up your voicemail on your wireless device, plus other useful tips.

Voicemail to Text - Convert your wireless voicemail to text and read them right to your Rogers wireless device.

Set-Up Visual Voicemail Plus - Voicemail is pushed to your device so you can listen to your messages without having to dial into your voicemail service.

Wi-Fi Calling - Make and receive voice calls with a Wi-Fi connection.

Set-Up Bluetooth - Pair your device with other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Making or Receiving a Wi-Fi Call - We’ll show you what it looks like when you are using Wi-Fi to make a call.-


Everything you need to know to get your email up and running.

Set-Up & Add Email Accounts - Read and send email on your device by setting up your email accounts.


Text Messaging, Extreme Text Messaging, BBM and more.

Text Messaging 101 - Everything you need to know about text messaging.

Extreme Text Messaging Tips - Auto-reply to text messages, block senders, create distribution lists and much more.

Send Picture or Video Messages - Snap a picture or video then text it to a friend.

Install BlackBerry Messager (BBM) - How-to install BBM on any BlackBerry device.


A guide to apps and how to download them.

Apps - Get the latest on the best apps

BlackBerry World 101 - Search for and download apps from BlackBerry World.

Sync & Backup

Everything you need to know about backing up and syncing your BlackBerry data.

Sync BlackBerry Data - Configure Synchronization Settings for BlackBerry Desktop Software.

Back Up your BlackBerry - Back up your contacts, emails and pictures.



Helpful hints, tips and tricks to make using your BlackBerry a breeze.

Turn your BlackBerry into a Mobile Wallet - Pay with your smartphone, made easy with suretap technology from Rogers.

Quick Scroll on your BlackBerry - Quickly scroll your Blackberry without having to use the cursor.

BlackBerry Quick Tips - Change your ring tone, set-up a speed dial, add an extension to a phone number and more.

Must-Have Phone Accessories - Sweet, you got your new smartphone! Now it’s time to jazz it up with some cool accessories, available straight from Rogers.

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