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Illustration by Lee Woodgate

We put our Connected heads together to come up with the ultimate Winter Entertainment Survival Guide. From blazing-fast internet to Rogers Whole Home PVR to all the on-demand movies and TV you need to get cosy, here’s our wintery recipe for surviving the snow.


Essentials: HDTV, HD PVR, Rogers On Demand

Film fanatics come in all shapes and sizes, and you never know what they might be into. For Dad, it’s all about action flicks, whereas Mom prefers a bit more drama. And the kids? Give them comedy or the latest animated hit from Pixar and they’re jumping for joy. We might not always agree on what to watch, but two things are unanimous: a love of new movies, and a desire to watch them at home without having to trudge through snow and ice to get our hands on new and classic film.

It’s the entertainment portal on your TV that lets you catch up on the latest movies and TV shows instantly and at any time. While the true cinephile is definitely up to speed on the latest movies, there’s a whole world of film out there just begging to be tapped into. That’s where Rogers On Demand (Ch. 100) can really become a film buff’s best friend. From new blockbusters to a massive back catalogue of old favourites, docs, niche gems and the largest selection of foreign films in Canada, you can quickly browse the archive and search using the Interactive Program Guide.


  1. Rogers On Demand is an entertainment portal on your TV that lets you catch up on the hottest new movies whenever you want.
  2. Finding your favourite movies and primetime TV shows has never been easier! Browse poster art for the full movie-rental experience.
  3. It’s free for all Rogers Digital TV customers.

The Roomates

Essentials: NextBox HD PVR, NextBox HD terminal

It’s inevitable: what Steve wants to watch isn’t always what Dave or Laura are into. Likewise, you start a show in one room but want to finish watching in another. Or a show you recorded is downstairs; if only you could access it upstairs. With Rogers Whole Home PVR, all this can come true. Lucky you.

Whole Home PVR lets you network two NextBox™ HD PVRs and up to seven HD terminals anywhere in your home. Each PVR can record up to two shows at once, and you can watch a recorded program in up to four rooms at the same time.

You can also delete, pause or replay from any PVR-equipped TV in your home. All this, plus up to 140 hours of HD storage capacity – nearly enough to take you through winter.

Outfitting your house with Whole Home PVR requires a technician to visit your home There’s also a one-time hookup fee of $49.99. Visit to order or upgrade.

The Gamer

Essentials: Rogers Hi-Speed Internet, Enhanced Gateway Modem, Easy Connect

Lightning speed. Secure. Easy to connect multiple devices. Whether you’re snowed in or just staying in, when it comes to creating a connected household – including all the tablets, laptops and gaming consoles you can handle – you need it all: speed, connectivity and security.

Up to double the speeds! Rogers recently upgraded its Hi-Speed Internet tiers. Now top download speeds range from 25 to 150 Mbps (megabits per second), depending on which tier you choose – the new Rogers Ultimate tier gives you up to 150 Mbps and 250 GBs of storage. Why the increase of speed? We know your need to destroy your enemies in online gaming with virtually no lag. We also know how much you love the internet for staying in touch with friends and family and downloading whatever it is you’re into, so Rogers wants to ensure you have the best internet experience possible.

Add better Wi-Fi. The Rogers Enhanced Wi-Fi Modem rids your home of any “dead spots” or weak signals. Wherever your family spreads itself – upstairs, downstairs, streaming games or watching a cooking video in the kitchen – now each connection is equally strong with this twoin-one modem and router.

Finish with Easy Connect. Home networking should be a breeze, and that’s what Rogers Easy Connect is all about: getting all your Wi-Fi devices up and running in a snap. Because all your network information is stored on the Easy Connect USB key, you can connect any Wi-Fi–enabled device simply by plugging the key into the device’s USB port. You can also set network-wide rules (such as no internet past 10 p.m. on specific devices), and create a second “guest” network for visitors only.

Easy Connect and the Enhanced Wi-Fi Modem are available to all Rogers Hi-Speed Internet customers. Easy Connect is free, and the modem costs $8/month.

The Multitasker

Essentials: Rogers On Demand, Rogers Anyplace TV, Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition

Winter’s all about hunkering down and getting deep – like, really deep – into your projects. And by projects, we’re talking TV shows and movies. For the always-busy multi-tasker, this is the year she’ll finally catch up with Dexter or perhaps delve into The Wire so her friends will stop harassing her. Rogers On Demand allows you to catch up on and stay current with the best primetime shows on TV – from Modern Family and New Girl to TMN, HBO Canada and Super Channel shows, such as Game of Thrones and Homeland. You can also keep the kids entertained with programming on Treehouse and Family Channel. Bonus: lots of this great programming is free to watch.

Rogers Anyplace TV features regularly updated TV and movie content, including multicultural programs, sports and more. Watch online at or download the smartphone, tablet or Xbox 360 apps – perfect for roaming around the house.


Watch full seasons of present or past shows on Rogers On Demand. Let’s say you got hooked on Dexter but want to backtrack and watch the series from the beginning. With this new rental service, you can watch at whatever pace you wish. You can even watch all of Season 1 in one sitting, if you please. To get started, check out the Past TV Seasons folder on Ch. 100.

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