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Connected Rogers


Rogers Wireless offers a cornucopia of services that supe-up your smartphone experience to the max. Here’s what we got:

Rogers Wireless Home Phone Connects You to Big SavingsRogers Wireless Home Phone Connects You to Big Savings

Live outside of the Rogers Home Phone service area but looking for reliable home phone option? You’re in luck with this new wireless service from Rogers. Find out more here >>


How-To: Get the Most Out of Your Rogers Wireless PlanHow-To: Get the Most Out of Your Rogers Wireless Plan

Some apps might be running without your knowledge, open in the background and consuming data. Depending on your device’s operating system, you can check to see which apps are running, and turn off whatever you’re not using. Here are some tips for cutting down your monthly data usage >>


How to send a text using Rogers One NumberHow-To: Send a Text Using Rogers One Number

Rogers One Number lets you send text messages from your computer or tablet, but while still using your wireless number. Here’s how >>



How-To: Block a Caller with Rogers One NumberHow-To: Block a Number

Don’t want to receive calls from a pestering telemarketer? Want to block specific numbers from being able to phone you? No problem. Here’s how >>




Rogers Device Protection

More than 17,000 devices are stolen, lost or damaged in Canada every day. But you can protect yourself by signing up for Rogers Device Protection. For the month of May – all existing customers with a fully functional Rogers device activated or upgraded in 2012 or 2013 can subscribe. Do it now, before it’s too late >>



6 Benefits of Rogers Smartphone Freedom Advantage

When you need a new smartphone, it can be so hard to choose. But when it comes to selecting a new carrier, going with Rogers is a no-brainer. Here’s why >>



Cutting Edge LTE Devices

Rogers is all over the newest, hottest must-have LTE-enabled devices. Take your pick!




MY5 & MY10

This fan favourite let’s you choose a list of your most important peeps and talk to them an unlimited amount! Total no-brainer. What’s more, you can update your MY5 or MY10 list at with your My Rogers account. Find out how >>





Visual Voicemail Plus

Believe it! This incredible service allows you to SEE your voicemail messages. It turns them into text messages so that you can avoid calling in to check your messages when it’s inconvenient… or if you’re just too lazy. Find out more >>





Rogers One Number

It’s cool, new and #trending. Rogers One Number is your communication command station – it allows you to communicate via text, email, calling and video calling on your computer – all from your wireless number. Find out how >>





Phone & Family Finder

Losing your phone can be devastating. Losing your family…well that there is no words for. Luckily Rogers has a brand new service that will make keeping tabs on your loved ones, and your phone a breeze! Find out more >>




Handset Protection Guarantee

If your device malfunctions or is lost we’ve got your back. Just visit a participating Rogers store for an assessment. Find out more >>






My Account App

Manage your wireless account the way you do everything else, with a super handy app! View your account balance, view your voice, text and data usage stats, manage your MY5 list and much more. Find out how >>





Rogers Device Protection

Get peace of mind with advanced protection programs which include end-to-end connectivity and value-added device support services. Find out more >>


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