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Rogers Hi-Speed Internet has got it all and then some. From the nimble 150 Mbps* speeds of the new Ultimate Internet package to high-tech hardware and support services like Rogers Online Protection and Easy Connect, all your bases are covered when it comes to reliable Internet. Here we run down some of these features in more detail to give you the full picture of why Rogers Hi-Speed Internet is so formidable.

Your Internet Energized – 150 Mbps Means Serious Speed
Download a song in less time it takes to say its title, stream video smoothly and with no lag, download a movie in less than a minute – three things Rogers Hi-Speed Internet can do for you.

Need for Speed? Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Delivers – An Internet Tier That’s Right For You
Whether you’re just looking to do some light internet browsing and emailing, keeping up with friends and family over Facebook and Twitter or are a hardcore gamer looking to smote your enemies in vicious online gameplay, there’s an internet tier that’s right for you and right for your wallet.

Virtual Armour: Rogers Online Protection
Protect yourself against fraud, identity theft, viruses and nasty spyware with Online Protection. It offers online storage for backing up your files, PC optimization and more.

Get that Extra Jump to Warp With SpeedBoost
You download a lot of movies and music, so why not get a little help when you need it? SpeedBoost automatically detects when there’s bandwidth available and turbo charges your connection for that extra bump.

*Refers to maximum theoretical speeds. Visit for full details.

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17 thoughts on “Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Is Awesome

Miguel Diaz, on said:

I recently "updated" my old modem with a new modem/router from rogers and now my network runs slower!!!.
When I try to watch a HD movie on Netflix it takes longer to load and many times the quality is terribly!!!. half movie is HD, half is terrible quality.
I was better with my 6 year old modem and a router I bought at Best Buy.

Help me and do something to really "upgrade" my network as it was supposed to happen with this new Modem/router.


Miguel Diaz


Dale, on said:

Is this available in cottage country?


Daniel Thorkelson, on said:

Why has my telephone portion of my package risen so astronomically. That was one of the reasons I switched from Bell.


brian jones, on said:

skype sucks, why can’t i get enough bandwith to make this work? I have changed from my hytron modem/router.back to a cisco modem and my old dlink. signal is better buy my understanding is i will have to reboot the cisco every 7 to 10 days. ya know what figure it out or i am going back to bell


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Brian,

    If you’re experiencing issues, feel free to reach out to Customer Support via:
    - Twitter: @RogersHelps
    - over the phone

Cathy Bolla, on said:

How can you promote this when you can’t deliver adequate Internet speed to me now? The service I get now is shameful!


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Cathy,

    Sorry to hear that. Can you please reach out to Customer Care via Facebook, Twitter @RogersHelps or over the phone.
    We’ll assist you!

sam, on said:

What is the point of fast internet when you have such a limited download volume.


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi sam,

    According to a recent study by Cisco, the average internet usage per month is under 20GB and that would be covered by our lightest plan. The Express one would already be 80GB and customers with special needs or big household can go up to 500GB!

Vlad, on said:

The only thing which Rogers don’t tell you is the usage cap.
With the speed they provided, you most likely will consume your limit (i.e. reach the cap) in 2-3 week. Then you will pay them much more for additional GBytes.
To be really attractive, Rogers should remove their stupid small limits’ policy.


Gerard Dick, on said:

It seems that my home page has changed from rogers hi speed to rogers powered by yahoo. Have I failed to pay a bill or is this just a format change?


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Gerard,

    It’s a format change but if you want, you change revert to the old one.

Lussier, Claude, on said:

J aimerais avoir vos documents, email, réponse etc en français.
Merci beaucoup.


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