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Illustration Greg Hall

Your favourite show is on when you should really be studying. Your roommate is 45-minutes deep into his “date-night chick flick” but you’re itching to watch Boardwalk Empire. Whether you’re living in a split-level home, a downtown condo or a patchy bungalow in the student ghetto, Rogers Whole Home PVR has your home TV needs covered. Watch a show while recording another; watch a recorded program from any PVR-equipped TV in your house; and record up to two shows simultaneously per box.

With sufficient storage space for 140 hours of HD video with the NextBox™ 2.0 HD PVR with extender, you can store just about the entirety of the killer fall lineup. With Rogers Whole Home PVR, your favourite shows are ready to watch, with a quick click on your remote, whenever you are.


For every student a TV, and for every TV a PVR – now that’s a house rule everyone can get behind. No more battles over the remote and no need to negotiate or compromise. You can also manage the central PVR from any connected TV in your home.


You’re in class when you remember you didn’t set your PVR to record a show. No sweat: simply launch the Remote TV Manager app on your smartphone and access your PVR. Set a recording, cancel one or delete older recordings to free up space.


When you do have the opportunity to sit down and watch live TV, you can pause and replay at your leisure from any TV in the house. Pause for a couple of minutes to grab a drink and then skip right through the commercials when you get back. If the phone rings (“Hi, Mom. Of course I’m studying!”), you can pause and then pick up right where you left off, too.


With Whole Home PVR you can network up to seven NextBox HD Terminals* hooked up to TVs around the house. Each PVR you have can record up to two shows at once. Plus, you can watch one recorded program in up to four rooms at once. With space for up to 140 hours of HD video recording, you’ll never want for something good to watch.


You start watching a movie in the living room when your roommates come home. And they’re a bit rowdy. Not up for joining in, you retreat to your room where, with Follow Me TV, you can continue watching. In fact, you can watch the same thing on up to four TVs and in any room in the house.


The Rogers Enhanced Guide is a TV time machine, and it’s included as part of Whole Home PVR. See what you’ve recorded in the past, watch and pause live TV in the present and set up single episode or full season recordings to take place in the future. The Enhanced Guide makes it easier than ever to search for and sort through shows and schedule recordings. It looks spectacular on your HDTV and brings new apps such as the five-day weather app right to your TV.

*No more than two NextBox HD PVRs and seven NextBox HD Terminals. Combination cannot exceed eight STBs (set top boxes). Four TVS can access the same program at the same time. Each HD PVR can record up to two programs at once.

You’ve probably already imagined many ways Rogers Whole Home PVR can change your TV-watching life. If not, we bet you’ll find yourself here.

The Family

With capability to record up to four shows at once using two PVRs, plus the ability to watch live or recorded TV from any set in the house, squabbles over the remote or what to watch are a thing of the past. Plus, Rogers Whole Home PVR lets you pause your show in one room and instantly pick it back up in another.

The Workaholic or Socialite

Whether it’s work or fun that keeps you out of the house until the evening hours, Rogers Whole Home PVR ensures you’ll never miss out on your favourite and soon-to-be favourite shows, regardless of what time you got in last night. After all, everyone needs to take a break sometimes.

Sounds sweet. How do I get it?

If you, like many Rogers customers, already have an HD PVR (8642 HD PVR or “NextBox” branded model), you’re halfway there. If you have at least one HD terminal (4642 HD), you’re very nearly there. Otherwise, it’s an easy upgrade.

1. Visit

2. New customers: Click Order Now. Pick the perfect bundle for you and save a bundle by grouping Rogers Hi-Speed Internet, TV, home phone and mobile service.
Existing customers: Click Upgrade Now. Fill in the simple online form and a Rogers Whole Home PVR specialist will call you back to talk you through the simple upgrade process.

If you prefer, you can also give Rogers a call at 1-800-576-6810. As for installation, whether you’ll be getting Rogers Digital TV for the very first time or you’re already a customer, Rogers will send a technician out to your home and will get you up and running. Installation costs $49.99, regardless of how long it takes.

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8 thoughts on “Why You Need Whole Home PVR

Vai, on said:

Not every1 gets more than 1 PVR per household, Most of the homes have 1 PVR(24.99 pm) and several Digital boxes(12.99 pm, each box). With this setup the recording of programs is restricted to 1 programme at a time as the second recording has to be watched while it is recorded. Rogers does not allow you to RECORD 2 PROGRAMMES AT SAME TIME WHILE WATCHING A 3RD CHANNEL. they should be working out something soon, as others are offering 6 recording from single PVR.


bruce cameron, on said:

Is it possible to move saved data from my PVR to my laptop some how?


Manuel, on said:

It never ceases to amaze me how many ways Rogers creates to try to steal more of my hard earned money. Rogers treats new customers better than current ones. I, for one have had enough of this greedy, money grabbing company. TIME TO SWITCH!


Daphne Saint, on said:

PVR sounds interesting, but it doesn’t tell me how much it will cost. Is it a one time cost or is it a monthly fee? I currently have a digital box.


Rennie Stobbs, on said:

I can’t use remote PVR manager with Nextbox, you need a scientific atlanta 8300, yet in your article it implies that you can!


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