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Connected Rogers


1. One Identity – Rogers One Number is the easiest way to keep connected with your friends, family and the world around you. It’s on your computer. It’s on your wireless phone. It’s a shared number between both devices, as they work seamlessly together – but using one number. It means you can now decide for yourself how you’d like to communicate with those in your life.

2. Talk – Want to make a call from your computer? No problemo. On the computer, calls to Canadian numbers are free and use your wireless number. Even long distance calls within Canada are free when calling from your computer. Want to make a call from your wireless phone? Easy. While talking on your wireless device, you can seamlessly switch back and forth from talking on your computer to talking on your wireless device.

3. Text – Send free outgoing text messages from your computer via the Rogers One Number application. Using your existing Rogers wireless number, you can make a call from anywhere you have an internet connection. Reply with witty quips faster using your keyboard instead of your smartphone.

4. Your Rules, Your Inbox – Rogers One Number lets you choose how, when and where you want to be reached. You can block callers, limit calls and set your availability. You can even integrate an email address (Gmail or Yahoo!) and keep your contacts in sync between your phone and your computer with the handy Contacts app.

5. It’s Free To Register – Registering at is easy and it’s totally free.

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