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Let’s face it, throwing on a jersey, settling into a cold arena seat and guzzling a few too many beverages-of-choice in between cheering and roaring, is the best way to celebrate a hockey game. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to partake in the tradition once the 2012 Hockey playoffs begin April 11th.

Luckily, Rogers Wireless customers can follow the excitement and nail-biting action of playoff hockey when the puck drops. For only $5 per month for 5 hours of viewing (overage $1/hour/month), smartphone users can download the Rogers Live app, keeping them connected to the playoff action with the live-stream of select games as teams strive for hockey’s most prized possession. The mobile app, which is available on iOS, Android, and Blackberry, provides coverage of the playoffs broadcast.

Since team match-ups and broadcast schedules won’t be determined until the NHL regular season comes to a close, so fans will have to hold off appointing appropriate jerseys to specific days of the week.  Thankfully, the Rogers Live app provides plenty of other live sports coverage to keep customers glued to their smartphones.  Visit the app store of your device to download Rogers Live today.

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