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Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front

Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front


Good news for fans of mobile military bang-bangs: Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front moved to a “freemium” model in late February. Now you can download and play one of the most popular shooters for phones and tablets without spending a dime, so long as you don’t mind a few ads.

Unlock everything as you work your way through the game one mission at a time, earning experience points and dog tags that unlock new features and gear. Those whose impatience gets the better of them have the option of using real money to purchase medals that will unlock game elements on demand.

Regardless of which way you choose to play, there’s little debating the game’s value. With 50 missions set in five authentic Second World War theatres of combat – including Normandy, Germany, the Pacific, North Africa and Sicily – and a huge arsenal of period weapons and vehicles, there’s definitely no shortage of single-player fun.

Add in three multiplayer modes that support a half-dozen players over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and you’ve got one of the most complete shooters available for mobile devices.
And did we mention it’s free?

Midnight Pool 3

Midnight Pool 3


Gameloft’s latest billiards SIM is the biggest Midnight Pool game to date. It offers a broad selection of game types, including traditional American 8 Ball, special challenges and even single- device hand-off multiplayer. Plus, a progressive career mode leads you through a variety of virtual Las Vegas locations – such as a penthouse suite and a TV tournament room – as you take on a posse of colourful pool pros, each with a distinct style that comes through both on and off the table. It may not be the 1,000-pound slab of cloth-covered slate you’ve always wanted for your basement, but it might be the next best thing.

Dungeon Hunter 3

Dungeon Hunter 3


If hacking and slashing fantastical creatures is fun on a phone, then it’s downright delightful on a tablet. Gameloft’s popular dungeon crawler is designed to fully exploit your device’s bigger screen and beefier processor. Expect cleaner characters, crisper textures and more fluid and spectacular action, complete with motion blur and particle effects. Sixteen arenas and four new classes of characters – warlord, astromancer, shaman and trickster – deliver hours of playtime, while multiple difficulty levels and daily score challenges provide good reason to come back and revisit the fray.

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