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Learn all about the Rogers Home Edition App for iOS and Android from Editor-in-chief of Connected Rogers Derek Malcolm. You can use the Rogers Home Edition App to control your PVR, as a remote or to manage your PVR recordings. From the app you can also access the Interactive Program Guide and from a tablet you can live stream 25 TV channels!

Please be advised that streaming video consumes larger amounts of data

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6 thoughts on “Video: Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition App

Ron Perreault, on said:

It has never worked for me I get the same error over and over, spent time on the phone with Rogers.
I know my network is fine at home(I’m an IT professional)
All I get is
Unable to reach the remote service,
please check your internet connection
and try again(804)


Ian, on said:

Looking for a BB Playbook version of the remote / anyplace tv app.


Jackie, on said:

I have had trouble as well. I phoned and they told me to reset my pvr but that didn’t work either.


Peter, on said:

I have had problems with this application since it came out. It shows recordings that are no longer on the VCR and it also shows scheduled shows that have long ago passed and again don’t show when looking on the VCR.
Other functions seem to work.
I have a CISCO PVR.


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