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Rogers PVR
By now, most people are familiar with PVRs – short for Personal Video Recorder, and sometimes known as DVRs (Digital Video Recorder). Put simply, they’re digital TV boxes that allow you to easily record programming (way easier than any VCR) and watch it whenever you want. Not to mention PVRs allow you to pause and rewind live TV. PVRs are available for purchase or for rent from Rogers. Click here for more details.

Whole Home PVR
Whole Home PVR is like your PVR on steroids. It lets you watch a recorded program from any PVR-equipped TV in your house; and record up to two shows simultaneously per box. What’s more, you can start a show in one room, press “pause,” then resume watching the show in a different room. How cool is that? Click here to learn more.

NextBox 2.0
NextBox 2.0 a suite of new features for Rogers cable customers that delivers a TV-without-borders experience, any time, in any room of your home. (Whole Home PVR is part of NextBox 2.0.) It’s a wall-defying combination of TV and internet services, along with all the hardware you need, so you can enjoy TV shows and movies from any room in your home. Find out more about Nextbox 2.0 here.

Rogers On Demand
If you’re a Rogers Digital TV customer, you have access to Rogers On Demand. What is it? Rogers On Demand, which you can find on Channel 100, is the entertainment portal that lets you watch movies and TV shows instantly and at any time. Catch up on primetime content you missed; watch a blockbuster movie; or even watch past full seasons of shows like Dexter. Some of the programming is free, while has a one-time charge. To learn exactly how to watch a show on Rogers On Demand, click here.

Rogers Anyplace TV
Rogers Anyplace TV is sort of like Rogers On Demand, but online. And it also offers live streaming content. Think of it like your online entertainment destination, including on-demand prime time shows and movies, live sports and kids programming. You can watch online at or you can download the smartphone, tablet or Xbox apps – perfect for roaming around the house (or anywhere in Canada, really). To download the apps, just search for “Rogers Anyplace TV” in your app store.

Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition
You know that tablet or smartphone you’re holding – the one you use for streaming movies, playing games, reading and virtually everything else these days? Well, now you can add watching and controlling live TV and managing your PVR to the seemingly never-ending list of your device’s uses, thanks to the new Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app. Imagine being able to control your PVR from anywhere, even at work or at a friend’s house! Click here to find out how.

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10 thoughts on “TV On Your Terms

Jan, on said:

I am trying to find a page that explains my PVR remote’s capabilities. The My Rogers USERGUIDE tells me to go to:
No such webpage exists!
And I’ve been searching for something, ANYTHING to explain this new remote to me!
Where, or where?? Please direct me.


marsha hawton, on said:

I would like to know why so many channels are being eliminated such as peach tree and now
amc. Yet my bill has increased. I have one hd box
and regular cable on a second tv. Is this the industries way of forcing people to junk their last
analog tv.


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Marsha,

    You’re mentioning 2 different situations. We’re currently upgrading current analog channels to digital channels. You can still watch Peachtree using a digital adapter. It’s free of charge, all you have to do is contact customer support.

    As far as AMC is concerned, we’re still negotiating in good faith and have no intentions of dropping the channel. The message you saw was displayed by AMC, not us.

Stan Birch, on said:

"TV On Your Terms"

MY terms are rather simple:

Provide me with Cable TV service no more complicated than hooking up the cable to my TV without a whole bunch of boxes between the cable outlet and my TV.

My TVs all have QAM tuners that allow me to merely hook up my cable, and tune whatever digital channels are available via my QAM tuner.

Whenever Rodgers manages to the technology incorporated in almost all TVs being vended on the current market, let me know; and I’ll sign up in an instant!! Until then, my rinky dink little chimney-mount antenna is more than adequate for our needs.

Nothwithstanding . . . as soon as you catch up to the technology incorporated in my TVs, i.e. QAM, I will sign up for Rodgers cable service in an instant!!!


aditya sood, on said:

Most unreliable company say something and bill some thing else

every month you have to spent three hrs with your bill of rogers and no answer after that also


    @RogersNicolas, on said:


    Sorry to hear about that. You can contact us via our Facebook page or Twitter @RogersHelps if you need any assistance!

charles Ross, on said:

we only use about 3 or 4 mg on our internet.and we are charged for 20 mg. we only use our tv for sports and news and are charged for 100s of stations we never use. so please turn off our tv ,internet and house phone at the end of march thanks.


Ron, on said:

Anyplace TV is awesome. Easy to set up and works flawlessly on my iPad.


john colwell, on said:

I want to have the availability of television up north where there is no cable network. Is there any way of having the same channels that i have at home .


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