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Quick, what’s more fun: playing a first-person shooter game on your iPhone, or playing laser tag in the real world? Wait, don’t answer that.

Why choose when AppTag Laser Blaster gives you the best of both worlds? Just slide your smartphone into the AppTag console – you don’t even have to take your device out of its case – attach the pistol grip and your phone becomes a laser-tag shooter.

The AppTag does the shooting, using infrared beams and sensors to fire and register shots, while the smartphone keeps score and tracks each player’s virtual health. The AppTag unit communicates with iPods, iPhones or Android devices through high- frequency sounds that humans can’t hear.

The phones use Wi-Fi to track shots, scores and other stats, as well as display augmented reality objects such as medkits, armour, ammo packs and weapons.

AppTag’s six buttons include a pressure-sensitive trigger switch, a reload button and four extra buttons created for app developers to expand on gameplay (think: walkie-talkies, sniper zoom and weapon changes). The AppTag console, which comes with a free downloadable app, will be available this summer for about $25.

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