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6 tips for travelling with your wireless device:

1. Roaming – Once you leave Canada, you’re roaming off the Rogers network and rates vary depending on where you are and what you’re doing. Text TRAVEL to 7626 to view affordable and easy to use roaming options (free to access) or visit

2. Get a Roaming Data Pass – Sharing a picture, using social media sites or checking email requires wireless internet. Passes start at $10 and include:

  • Near real-time text alerts that let you monitor your data usage.
  • Usage safeguards that will suspend your data access when you reach your data limit or your pass expires, so you never incur overage.

3. Get a Talk & Text Travel Pack - Need minutes and text? Talk & Text Travel Packs is good for a month, and if you use up the Pack before the month is over, you’ll continue to enjoy the same rate for the entire month.

4. Turn off “push” email - Email, especially messages with attachments, eats up data. “Push” downloads email onto your device. Turn this off and manually download emails whenever you choose.

5. Save juice by:

  • Disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (turn on Wi-Fi when looking for a hotspot).
  • Turning your screen’s brightness down.
  • Closing apps that run in the background.

6. Make sure your  “data roaming” on your device settings is switched to “on” – Most devices have the data roaming set to off. If you plan on using roaming internet checking email while away, turn data roaming on before you travel.

Download a PDF of our handy travel checklist and go!

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