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Smartphone lovers, rejoice. The newest version of the operating system, BlackBerry 10, is now launched, and it’s a doozy.

BlackBerry 10 marks a momentous change from past versions – a wide range of apps (more than 70,000), a killer web browser and top speed – while retaining everything we love about it (most namely, the physical keyboard in the Q10 model). It’s fast, sleek and has some cool new features you’re going to love.

Here are the Top 5 new features of BlackBerry 10:

BlackBerry Hub:

This is your control centre, the one, central spot where you can instantly view new messages, texts, social media updates, BBM messages, voicemail – you name it. Simply swipe the screen to see what’s new.

Keyboard Choice:

BlackBerry has the best keyboard, hands down. But now you can also use the touchscreen keyboard (on the new Z10 model), which learns how you type and cleverly adjusts to make typing even faster. Physical and virtual, why not have both?

Time Shift Camera:

You set up the perfect shot and snap a photo, but in that split second, someone’s eyes are closed, or you were too soon on the action. Time Shift captures things just before and just after you’ve taken the photo. Scroll to pick the best shot.

BBM Video with Screen Share:

Similar to BBM voice, but now video. Video chat, for free, with any BBM user anywhere in the world. The accompanying Screen Share app lets you share your screen with whomever you’re chatting with, so they can see whatever video, image, file or website you’re talking about.

BlackBerry Balance:

While many people use BB because of its business-related qualities – including its security features – Balance lets you efficiently organize your personal and professional apps, contacts and other data into two separate spots.

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38 thoughts on “Top 5 Features of the New BlackBerry 10 OS

Shoshi, on said:

Is it true that if some one texts me, I as well as the sender are both charged.charged?

Am I charged if Rogers sends me a text I did not ask for?


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Shoshi,

    That’s something Customer Support will assist you with based on the details of your plan. You can reach out to them via our Facebook page or Twitter @RogersHelps

Nabil Madi, on said:

excuse my ignorance but all my Kids and friends have the I5 and use Viber and Skype.
I am a BB fan and hope to remain but need to just know if the new Z10 has Viber talking and/or skype?


graham g.elliott, on said:

just got the bb10 hour ago in brandon waiting for it to charge,have great day


Beth, on said:

I just traded up for a Galaxy Note from a BB Bold…I miss by BB and hate my current craplet. Did not see a response to the person who asked about traded phone in if you just traded up? I wanted to give it back but missed the 15 day erturn policy – thought 30 days was standard – please help.

Stranded in the Galaxy


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Beth,

    I’d advise you to contact Customer Care regarding this matter so that they give you your options.
    You can do it via our Facebook page or Twitter @RogersHelps.

Michael, on said:

In the report n the top 5 features of Blackberry 10, it indicates the this Blackberry has both a physical and virtual keyboard. This is not correct!


Lynn, on said:

Bought the BB10,installed all the apps etc. then found out I could not sync my Outlook calendar, contacts, etc. So I returned it, my Torch is on it’s last legs. So when is the Blackberry Link coming out with the sync to Outlook? Otherwise I might have to go Samsung?…but would prefer BB, as I also use a Playbook. This has all been very frustrating…


    Roger, on said:

    I bought the BB10 and I was able to have the calendar and emails synced as was with my Torch.

Jenn L, on said:

I have the new BB z10. I like the phone alright, but I hate that none of the apps I used on my old BB are compatible with the new one. They aren’t even offered in the new blackberry app store. I can seriously count the number of apps available for the BB10 operating system. All I have to say is : sad


    Steve, on said:

    You have to remember that Blackberry doesn’t make most of their own apps. Apps are made by third party developers. Be patient I’m sure new apps are coming. Apple & Android didn’t have all their apps overnight.

Razvan, on said:

This is a great step forward for Blackberry. I would even phase out the whole physical keyboard. Stick to one model. Works for Apple! The only comment I have is that you say "Video chat, for free, with any BBM user anywhere in the world." This is misleading because the data used will never be free, and if you are elsewhere than in your home country, you will be heavily hit with roaming charges.


Josie Poole, on said:

I have the BB Torch. When I first got it, I didn’t like the keyboard because the little rim around the sliding out keyboard was getting in the way. I now love it. My thumbs have gotten used to resting on that rim and now I miss it on any other device. Wait, there’s more. I sampled the new Z10 and was prepared to not like the touch screen. Totally surprisedntonfind how quickly I can type with it! It automatically puts in words, and my whole test run was perfect! I’m using an iPad to type this message although it corrects spelling, it isn’t as accurate. Plus the space bar always gives me an ‘n’ insteadnofnspacing between words. I’m looking forward to testing the new Q10 first, then I will decide which to buy! Go RIM! Oops, I mean, Blackberry!


Dave, on said:

Love the new BB 10, finally a fast browser. Love the intuitive typing and hub features, real time saver. Only complaint is zoom feature locks after using and takes time to restore normal view. Hope this will be corrected with update


Dwight Bleiler, on said:

Can I change up from my C414R Samsung flip top. Cell phone I got off you last July 2012 and What is the lowest cost for minimum useage on cell in and out calls and minimum inernet service.I have been with Rodgers since 1998. My cell phone number is 250 717 6380 I’m very interested. In the Z10 BlackBerry. Please advise thankyou Dwight


Donald Belgum, on said:

That is all great – but what is the cost?


Dave, on said:

Just went to the Rogers store in Brantford ON to enquire about BB Z10. There were no phones on display in the store, no pricing, no brochures, not even an empty space on the shelf. It was as though it did not exist. When I asked about them, the sales rep said she was not even sure if they had stock, but went to look and found they had some but did not even bother to bring one out to show me. I asked to whom I could speak about getting information and was told "nobody". "There is nobody here that can answer your questions and nobody here even uses a BB. Try calling tech support". Nice way to sell a product and service, let alone new technology.
Rogers on King George Rd. in Brantford is completely useless.


    Dave, on said:

    Moderation of the comment by whom? You? Or are you waiting for me to soften my comment? What I wrote was exactly what happened or do you find that unpalatable? If your concerned about stores and their performance in serving the customer check it out. They had no stock and I was told unequivocally that nobody would answer or even try to answer any questions on BlackBerry Z10.

graham g.elliott, on said:

i would like to get the blackberry z10


Glenda, on said:

like the BB, just NOT the Rogers service, start treating customers like they should be treated, buyers of their product


laurie j. mason, on said:

Still trying to figure out the Galaxy 111, miss a keyboard, don’t like the text messaging service
on the Galaxy, would like to try the new BB10
but you aretoo heavy on the charges!! so will have to
keep what l got for now, Thanks


Peter Abazis, on said:

Tell me why I should buy the Blackberry ( Q10or Z10) ………??.???


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Peter,

    Based on your needs and budget, I’m sure we’ll be able to help you finding the right device. Feel free to reach out to us on our Rogers Facebook page, Twitter @RogersHelps or to visit a store.

Kathryn Oswell, on said:

Hi, I just received my samsung galaxy 111, what is the difference? If this is better and I can keep my current number which I will need to change once I transfer stuff over from my blackberry to it then perhaps I should not open the box and send it right back and get the blackberry 10…./ Please respond soon.
hoping to be satisfied customer….


June Sommers, on said:

I have loved my BB for 4 years,find my Bold easy to type with using two hands and am waiting for the conventional keyboard to be available,if it is as easy to type with using two hands to cradle it I will be getting one, if not I will stick with what I have, it works !!!


Heather Hughes, on said:

I switched from my Blackberry Curve (the battery was at the end of it’s life and I was told I couldn’t purchase another). I switched to an HTC and I am not happy with it. I really miss my BB. What would it take to switch back if I just switched in November?


    Wayne, on said:

    Why would you want to deal with a company that sold you a product and then wouldn’t sell you a replacement battery for it? I wouldn’t!!

Tom Copeland, on said:

I have had the Z10 for 2 weeks.
Like the phone but find it absoultely ludicrous that the company that pioneered mobile communications for business people chose not to develop a usb sync to MS Outlook. As we all know many people still use desktop outlook for email, contacts, calendars, tasks to do lists and more.
Such a nice way for BB to treat their 79 million users. Another way to shrink a shrinking business.


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