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The future of television has officially arrived. NextBox 2.0 is a suite of new features for Rogers cable customers that delivers a TV-without-borders experience, any time, in any room of your home. It’s a wall-defying combination of TV and internet services, along with all the hardware you need, so you can enjoy TV shows and movies from any room in your home. Here are 3 super cool things you can do with NextBox 2.0!

Rogers NextBox 2.0

Stop a show in one room and pick it up in a different room!

Here’s how:

  1. While watching a recorded program on one TV, press stop. This will set a bookmark. You can then turn off the TV or tune into another channel.
  2. In another room, turn on your TV, press “List,” select the recorded program you were watching earlier and select “Resume playing.”
  3. The recorded program will begin playing from the bookmarked position you set earlier.


Rogers NextBox 2.0

Access a show that’s on your main PVR when you’re in a different room!

Here’s how:
All boxes connected to the Whole Home PVR (which is included in NextBox 2.0) have access to PVR records, so you can access shows the same way you’d access a program on your PVR.

Press “List,” then navigate to the recording you want to watch.


Rogers NextBox 2.0

Search for shows and movies! With the Interactive Program Guide:

Here’s how:

  1. Pressing the star key (*) on the Rogers remote automatically calls up the search function in the Interactive Program Guide.
  2. Alternatively, you can press “Menu,” then navigate to “Applications,” and select “Search“.

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