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Want more data for the same price? You got it!

Guess what! Now Rogers data usage buckets get bigger – but prices are still the same. Do you know what this means?! Whether you’re an avid online gamer, an HD video lover with a weakness for those cute polar bear videos or a cloud enthusiast – sharing photos and music online – you need a reliable internet connection, top speeds and plenty of monthly data. Good news: now Rogers Express and Extreme Internet subscribers* get to enjoy the same dependable internet service as before, but with even faster download speeds and more GBs of data per month – for no additional cost. You read that right: you get faster speeds and more GBs without paying a penny more. And Rogers Ultimate Internet subscribers get 50 percent more speed – again, for no cost. Quicker speeds and bigger buckets? Yup. Here’s a breakdown on what all this new speed and space means to you:


Extreme Internet Rogers high speed
AND – the best part about these faster download speeds and extra GBs – besides the fact that they’re free? You don’t even have to sign up to request them. Rogers Express and Extreme Internet subscribers* will enjoy these upgrades automatically.


*Changes applicable to Express or Extreme tier customers with the Docsis 3 modem.

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