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“Dad, my laptop has a virus!” “Mom, help me load music onto my smartphone!” You want to help, but between work and everything else, there’s just no time. Enter Rogers TechXpert™ service, the new extended tech-support service that offers fast solutions to your tech qualms. The launch of Rogers TechXpert service means Rogers Hi-Speed Internet customers now have access to tech support from friendly, fellow Canadians, no appointment required. If you don’t feel like phoning, communicate via live online chat instead

Rogers TechXpert for Computers helps you with everything from computer optimization and software installation to email support. Laptop running slower than usual? The agent will help figure out why. Worried about viruses? The agent will remove any viruses and install anti-virus software. What’s more, you don’t have to lug your computer anywhere or bring anyone into your home; remote assistance allows you to sit back and let the expert do the work. $9.99/month*

Rogers TechXpert Whole Home goes one step further. With this service you can also get help on computer peripherals like your wireless printer or router; how to set up a new tablet; advice about your gaming console; and even help setting it all up securely on your wireless network. $14.99/month

*For full pricing details and to learn how to sign up for the Rogers TechXpert service, visit:


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