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Planning a winter getaway? It’s easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and family while you’re exploring the globe. Instead of buying multiple products for airtime (phone calls) and text messages, enjoy the convenience, simplicity and affordability of the new Talk & Text Travel Packs from Rogers.

For a simple, one-time fee, you’ll get a bucket of minutes and outgoing text messages.  This means you won’t have to purchase separate minutes and texts, you’ll get it all in one pack.  There are three pack sizes for each destination zone – choose based on your specific needs. That’s it!

You’re covered no matter where in the world your adventures take you. Here are some examples of the handy new options for different travel zones:

  • U.S. (Zone 1): $35 for 40 minutes and 100 sent texts. For $5 more, get unlimited sent texts.
  • Europe (Zone 2): $40 for 15 minutes and 100 sent texts. For $20 more, get a total of 40 minutes and 200 sent texts.
  • Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, Oceania (Zone 3): $50 for 15 minutes and 100 sent texts. For $20 more, get a total of 40 minutes and 200 sent texts.
  • Africa and premium destinations (Zone 4): $60 for 15 minutes and 100 sent texts. For $20 more, get a total of 40 minutes and 200 sent texts.

View a complete list of the Talk & Text Packs here.

If you go over your allotted airtime minutes or texts, you’ll get a discounted rate for both until your Travel Pack expires.

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40 thoughts on “Better Together: Talk & Text Travel Packs

Shawn, on said:

People Be Wary!! Attention..
Just spoke to Rogers Rep and their are NO packages available for Cuba ..Rogers and Cuba did NOT reach an agreement for usage rates.
You will be charged 3 dollars per min for phone calls and texting is .75….Data is 15 dollars per MB.
There may be additional charges on top of this..people please be aware..


A, on said:

Receive an email – "learn more about roaming". All I learnt is that I need to pay. But I aslo want to learn what I get for that pay. Are local calls in the country of destination included? How about calls to Canadian numbers? Incoming calls? Is there long distance charges? What are they? How much would I pay if I don’t buy the package?

Where I can find all this information?


iuliana, on said:

I am traveling in Europe and purchased a voice and text travel. Just wanted to check – am I right to assume that the talk minutes also apply to local calls in Europe ? or only to calls from Europe to Canada? How about someone calling my cell from Canada to Europe?


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi iuliana,
    Thank you for your comments. Can you please reach out to our customer service representatives on Twitter (@RogersHelps) or Facebook ( – they’ll be happy to help you with this inquiry.

jaqueline, on said:

Hey there, my name is Jaqueline and I’m a blogger out of Bulyeroi, Australia. I like what you guys are up to. Coming upon Better Together: Talk & Text Travel Packs was refreshing and helpful in terms of writing and work. Carry on the good work guys: I’ve put you guys on my blogroll. I believe it will improve the value of my own blog.


purchasing used cars, on said:

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Jewel, on said:

Are text only packages no longer available? I don’t see any listed.

When I went to Europe a year and a half ago all I needed was the ability to send a few dozen texts. And I was able to purchase a travel pack from Rogers that allowed me to do that.

However when looking at purchasing a travel back for a trip this month it now looks like if I want to buy a travel pack for texts I’m forced to pay for talk as well, which I don’t need or want. Plus it looks like the minimum number of texts is 100. For someone that is traveling for just a week and only needs to maintain minimal contact you have no suitable options.

Your travel pack offerings a few years back were more diverse and allowed you to cater to a variety of customer needs. Allowing them to purchase the services they needed. Combo packs can be useful, but if you take away everything except for the combo all you’re doing is forcing customers to buy bundles which may include services they don’t need.That’s really a shame.

My first choice was to use Rogers. But it looks like unlocked phone with local SIM card is the way I will be going for this and all future travel.


Dan Bergeron, on said:

unlilited talk and texting what a joke ive been in united states since dec 28 2012 till now and received a bill from rogers over 1000 dollars on a plan i was told was unlimited talk and text so the idiot who signed me up before i left Canada walked me into this bill of approximately 1300.00 in lest that 36 days


Jackie, on said:

I’m a little confused, when I selected my country from the travel drop down menu (it was Cuba, it is listed and selectable) and it offered to sell me packages for zone 4 (premium destinations) talk and text, but in the details they say they don’t work for Cuba. So, why can I select Cuba and am offered to buy packages that in the next page says "won’t work in Cuba" Which is accurate?


    @RogersNicolas, on said:


    Not all packages are available for Cuba on that page but when you look at the details, you’ll find the applicable destinations.
    For instance, the Premium Roaming Data Month Pass – 5MB would work in Cuba.

Maureen, on said:

In your U.S. $35.00 package for 40 min. & 100 sent texts, does that include incoming texts as well? Also, does it include calls from Canada while we are in the U.S.



Ron Day, on said:

Was interested in the Tak & Text Travel Packs so clicked on the HERE after The zone info and was transfered to a page with a little bit of non relevent info in the upper left corner. As I have not had any positive result filling in comment sheets on other web site opted to us the general inquirery address from the "CONTACT US" at the bottom of this page. Sending my note to – info@ – it was returned as undeliverable abfter 61 hours.
For your info at the top of this "Comments" it reads required fields are marked with a RED * but no asterisks are shown


Doug Symons, on said:

With a US $35.00 talk & text pack,….Am I charged for incoming calls either from US phones or Canadian calls ?


Tanya Roote, on said:

Hi i am travelling this weekend out of the Country and i would like to sign up for the talk & text travel pack. I am going to Cuba so i would require the (Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, Oceania (Zone 3): $50 for 15 minutes and 100 sent texts. For $20 more, get a total of 40 minutes and 200 sent texts) package. I’m interested in the 40 minutes and 200 texts. Do i have to go into the Rogers store to sign up?


    @Rogers_Chris, on said:

    Hi Tanya, you do not have to visit us in store to sign up. Visit our website at to browse your options further, and speak with one of our customer care reps @RogersHelps or, or simply sign up for travel packs on your device when you arrive at your destination.

Mariane Seguin, on said:

Pourriez-vous m’envoyer les informations en français svp? Je ne comprends pas que vous m’écriviez en anglais alors que mon abonnement se fait en français toujours,toujours,toujours,
C’est clair? Vous comprenez ce que je vous dis?
Sinon je change de compagnie pour mon IPad

En espérant m’être fait comprendre



    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Bonjour et désolé de lire cela,

    Connected est uniquement disponible en anglais.

Nicole Weghsteen, on said:

Your Talk and Text web page is not working. I am travelling to Europe in a couple of months and am interested in getting the package.


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for flagging! We’ll update the link soon. Meanwhile, you can find all the info you’re looking for here:

kari/sandra, on said:

i purchased one of the talk and text packages..i paid 60 dollars for unlimited text and 100 mins talk? then i wasnt getting my texts unless my data rooming was on which charged me money..then i tried to call rodgers to fix the problem as i was already i las im scared to see wat my bill will look like when i get it..i quit using the package on my second i didnt know wat else to i stuck paying something i barely used as i couldnt talk to anyone at rogers,or figure out the service problem i was having..this sucks for me as 60 dollars and watever else i was charged is alot of money to me..kari


Charlotte & Rolf Fuhrmann, on said:

How can I add more minutes to my travel pack that I already purchased. Due to unforseen circumstances (trouble with car reservations, granddaughter in hospital, house break-in, etc) I have already run out of minutes and still have another week left in the States. I tried to purchase more online but that didn’t work. I tried to phone, but that "due to technical difficulties" that didn’t work. I have been trying all day, but no success. Can you help me?


    @Rogers_Chris, on said:

    Hello Charlotte and Rolf, please reach out to us on Twitter @RogersHelps or at and one of our customer care representatives will be happy to help. You can always reach us from anywhere in the world at +1-514-734-7699.

doug cunningham, on said:

looking for a U.S. roaming, phone call package, what’s available


Garbine Astigarraga, on said:

Hi there: I would like to know in
" Talk & Text Travel Plans ",
Mexico city in which zone belongs.

Thanks for you time and answer.



    @RogersNicolas, on said:


    Mexico city would be part of Zone 3. When you click on your travel pack, you can then choose to see more details and all available destination.

Wendy, on said:

excellent timing thanks leaving next week…Hawaii bound!!! yeah


cheryl, on said:

Talk and text travel packs, woo hoo!!!!
Now can you tell me if this applies while we are in Cuba next month on vacation please?


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Cheryl,

    I’m afraid Roaming Travel Packs will not apply to usage while roaming on a cruise ship or in Cuba. This usage will be charged at the applicable pay-per-use rates.

Alan Nathanson, on said:

Do you have u.s.a. talk only add ons for vacation travel?


Josie St Louis, on said:

I am very disappointed in the offer you are selling this year for traveling on vacation. It is very expensive. I found a more reasonable offer in Mexico. Last year your offers were much better.

Josie St Louis


George Fluter, on said:

I am presently in Florida till April 7 2013. How do I get connected to the Talk and trravel pack while I am here


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi George,

    You can reach out to Customer Support via Facebook, Twitter @RogersHelps or over the phone.

Diann Butt, on said:

What are the best rates for Data in the Caribbean


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