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It’s hard to believe that Steve Jobs once said in an interview that tablets, as a new product, would fail. He changed his mind, obviously, and look what’s happened since. Today, about one in 10 Canadians owns a tablet – an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a BlackBerry PlayBook or otherwise – and that number is on a serious upswing.  As tablets get more useful, the number of tablets on the market keeps growing rapidly. Tablets are portable and powerful – simply put, they’re awesome. However, that awesomeness plummets significantly if you’re relying on Wi-Fi alone to get your tablet online.  We’re using our tablets for everything these days, from on-the-go gaming and TV viewing to web surfing and shopping. But all this requires a wireless internet plan – one that’s super-fast, affordable, reliable and secure. Connecting your tablet to the  Rogers LTE network means you can more fully enjoy your device, wherever you are.  Still on the fence about getting a wireless internet plan for your tablet? Consider what’s on the following pages.

About 1/3 of tablet use occurs outside the home

Approximately 33% of all time spent with tablets happens outside the home, whether at work/school (15%), in the car/commuting (14%) or while out shopping (4%). Tablets offer a whole whack of ways to enhance those out-of-home occasions, from maps, apps and TV streaming to comparison-shopping tools. But many of these tools rely on internet connectivity, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to establish a Wi-Fi connection wherever you are, especially if you’re on the move. You don’t use a pay phone for calls while you’re out, so why be limited to Wi-Fi hotspots to get online? Don’t let your chance at a great shortcut or killer deal be compromised by spotty internet.

52% of tablet owners use their device for gaming

Fortune magazine has called tablets “the future of gaming,” while U.S. app analytics firm Flurry found that the majority of tablet time (67%) is
spent playing games, considerably more than social networking (10%) and other entertainment (9%).The vast majority of tablet gaming takes place either on the couch or in the car, and with multiplayer gaming gaining in popularity, thanks to titles such as Words With Friends, a reliable internet connection is almost as important as having a “U” to go with that “Q.”

1 in 3 consumer brands will integrate payment systems into branded apps by 2015

Tablets are great for shopping. The awesome combination of portability and ready access to information make them an ideal tool for finding the best price. It’s predicted that one in three consumer brands will integrate payment systems into branded apps by 2015, but using public Wi-Fi to conduct transactions can pose serious security risks. Internet access via the Rogers wireless network, on the other hand, provides a dedicated and secure connection, allowing you to confidently transmit your personal data free from any concerns. For more info on Rogers mobile internet options, visit

53% of tablet owners watch video or stream TV on their Tablet

Whether they’re being used as part of two-screen viewing or to watch full  episodes, tablets have become an  integral part of the 21st-century TV
experience. What they lack in screen size, they make up for with portability, accessible controls (no more losing the remote) and, with headphones on, an immersive viewing experience. At the same time, new tools, like the free Rogers Anyplace TV Tablet app, allow you to catch up on full episodes  of shows or watch trailers for upcoming movies. Watching live streaming requires a reliable internet connection, however, and a wireless internet plan can ensure you don’t miss a moment of Modern Family or Seed. Visit and get the app from your app store.

Your Questions, Answered

To Tether or Not to Tether?

Question: “Why do I need a wireless internet plan when I can tether my tablet directly to my own smartphone?”
Answer: Sure, you could tether, but that’s far from a perfect solution. It not only compromises your phone’s battery life, but tethered devices must also remain in close proximity to ensure a proper connection (bye- bye, freedom). What’s more, using a single connection for multiple devices can adversely affect download speeds.

Can my tablet & smartphone share one plan?

Yes! Rogers offers Share Ready plans that allow you to use the wireless internet included with your phone plan to connect up to four additional devices such as tablets, mobile hotspots and Rocket sticks for your laptop. You share the plan but get the freedom and performance of a separate SIM card and optimized connection for each device.

Prefer to have a separate wireless internet plan  for your tablet? Rogers has  flex rate plans starting from only $5 per month. No term contract required!

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10 thoughts on “Tablets by the Numbers

Robert, on said:

I’d really like to know how much rogers, bell, etc. & the government make in a month from everyone on data usage through cell phones, smart phones, tablets, computers & then explain why on average it’s 50 bucks/monthly plus tax, plus a "service fee" to pay for it all. God forbid if the internet went away, people might actually have to use a real physical map to get around instead of a gps. I’ll probably google it after this comment but would be curious to their answer as to why they justify the charges when a lot of people use it. They aren’t opec, it’s not like it’s oil for gas & it’s sparse. They all profit too much on this band wagon I think these days, but what do I know, I’m just a customer.


Fred, on said:

Those responses to questions those are the best reasons you have for getting a celular equiped tablet? Tethering, "the devices must stay inclose proximity…..? It is a smart phone you are talking about?? Who leaves there phone at home? It is always in proximity to the tablet! " bye bye freedom…..what nonsense! Download speeds are affected only uf you are downloding on both devices simultaneously……I wonder how often that happens??
Cellular enabled tablets are a good choice; they come with a true(at least Ipad) gps on the celular radio chip… The plans are somwhat cheaper than a phone,because they aren’t a phone….
But the reason for purchasing one as stated here are lame at best!!


Rbrteby, on said:

….sorry dinner was burning…I have found rumours that the school system is going all tablets. I want to use this technology without going broke….

How can we adapt the phone and tablet together, in one price and that price still be affordable?


Rbrteby, on said:

I about to buy a tablet,, I am looking for flexibilty in my carrier. I am not sure Rogers has that.


Norma ford, on said:

When my term is over I will be done with rogers I have been to hell and back with my up grade to the iPhone 5 ihad bought from apple 4s and rogers made me pay for phone chip&10.00 because I did nt buy from them it is unlocked any ways I decide to get the 5 and I wasn’t in contract get this I bought the phone change my acct around which became a disaster gave my 4s to my husband they made me change everything around I only saved 2 bucks O M G but cell phone was so messed up my son just sign up got new iPhone 5 free no set charge 35.00 it was and 2yr contract me 185.00 phone 35.00 set up 3yr contract and his iPad 2gig 10 my iPad 20.00 mon. 2 gig i got mad now share withh iphone on


ron, on said:

Hi, could you tell me why I can’t seem to simply find an email to send and receive a response to my questions about plans available for my phone? I don’t want to sit on the phone or have to go to the outlets/stores.



JWilson, on said:

Yes, a plan for my tablet would be great, but your prices are unreasonable and exploitative from a user perspective and foolish from a business perspective. If your prices were more reasonable, your user base would rapidly expand.


Judith Bullard, on said:

Flash is not supported on the Kobo Vox. How can I stream TV shows on my Vox. Do I need to download some other app?


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