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Illustrations Jason Blower

If you’re a student going off to school this fall and you haven’t heard of Rogers One Number, you need to get up to speed! Included with your Rogers wireless service, Rogers One Number saves you money and makes staying connected to friends and family more convenient, wherever you are. Students will use it from morning to night, all over town. Here’s how.

Making & Taking Calls

Time: 9 a.m.
Place: Home, a rented house shared with roommates

You’ve met the girl of your dreams at school, and you see each other on campus almost every day, but you still like to talk for an hour every morning before class. Like clockwork, your mobile phone rings – but you realize it’s downstairs charging, and you’re up in your room checking email. No problem. You’re logged into Rogers One Number so you answer the call on your computer. You consider turning it into a video chat – easy to do with Rogers One Number – until you realize you haven’t showered yet and your hair is a mess.

With Rogers One Number, you can take or make a call on your mobile device or computer. You can also switch seamlessly back and forth. And you can talk or text on both. In each case, it’s your wireless number that comes up.

Text Messaging

Time: 12 p.m.
Place: The library

You’ve had a bite to eat and you’d love to hang with friends, but it’s study time and you’re sitting in the quiet library. You get a text message from a friend telling you about a possible job opening at the campus pub. You want to respond, but it isn’t the best etiquette here – not worth the sour looks the library staff give to anyone making calls. Problem? What problem?

With Rogers One Number, you can send a text reply through your laptop. The text appears just like it came from your phone, displaying your wireless name and number, so it looks the same as if you were sending the texts with your phone. Plus, you can type a text message way faster on your computer.

Video Chatting

Time: 3 p.m.
Place: A local park

Class is over and it’s absolutely gorgeous outside. You decide to study in the park before heading home. With your laptop and Rocket stick, you’re connected to the mobile network. You remember you were supposed to help a friend with a tutorial. It’s tricky material, and it would be much easier if you could show her what you’re talking about. You send her a text suggesting a quick video chat, and she calls you back.

With Rogers One Number, you can make video calls on a laptop or computer. Because you’re calling through your internet connection, you’re not using your wireless minutes. Plus, there’s no long distance fee for calls made to a Canadian number.

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