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School’s out for the summer. For university and college students, there’s no more homework, no more books and no more exams – sweet!

But the summer can also be a bummer for students. Firstly, because you have to disconnect your TV and internet services when moving home, only to have to go through all the steps of setting them up again in the fall. Annoying – and costly. And secondly, because going home for the summer often means losing touch with new school friends.

Great news: Rogers has your back, transforming both of these summer bummers into non-issues. Here’s how.

1. Don’t Hang Up: Just Put Rogers On Hold

Here’s a cool new thing from Rogers: instead of disconnecting your services for the summer, you can just suspend them. For the low cost of $3.95 per month – add it up and it’s still less than the cost of a night out – Rogers will put your services on hold. Yup, you get to keep your Rogers email address; your account history remains active; and you can hang onto your Rogers equipment (such as your digital terminal, remote control for cable TV, and your internet modem or gateway), instead of going to the trouble of returning it and picking it up again. It’s so much easier.

And when you’re back at school, Rogers will set you up with the same services, at the same address or a new address; installation is free (a savings of $49.99). What’s more, there’s no additional credit check required.

2. Send Text Messages on Your Tablet or Computer

Here’s another reason why the summer can be a bummer for students: As your school friends all go home for the summer, it becomes way too easy to lose touch with them. No worries. That’s where Rogers One Number comes in.

You were already planning on texting your school friends all summer. Well, with Rogers One Number, you can send and receive texts on your tablet or desktop computer. It works just the same as with your smartphone: text messages sent to your wireless number will arrive on your tablet or computer, and when you send texts on those devices, the person you’re calling will see your wireless number come up.

That’s really just the beginning of what Rogers One Number offers. It also lets you make voice calls, and you can video chat with other Rogers One Number users, too. And, you can use the service’s “Reach me Rules” feature to forward calls to a different number, and control who can contact you, when and at what number.

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