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Need tech support? Want info on new devices? Wonder what’s new on Rogers On Demand? Connect with Rogers through one of its convenient and super-helpful social media sites. Here’s how:


To keep you plugged into Rogers products and services, industry news and giveaways, follow the official home of Rogers on Twitter. Keeping up with the newest devices and services is a fool’s game, so stay informed with @rogersbuzz. Find out about specialty TV promotions, new releases to Rogers on Demand, and geek out with retweeted links to tech-related infographics. Don’t be afraid to interact with the team – they’re always updating and replying.


Rogers customer support is available on Twitter. Have a question? Follow and send a tweet to get the answers and tips you’re looking for. Rogers official customer-care and technical-support Twitter account helps personalize the customer experience by quickly answering your questions.

Keen on being in the know on what’s new with Rogers, promotions, special deals and one-time offers on services and products? Then the Rogers Facebook page is your friend. Learn about the latest additions to Rogers On Demand and Rogers Anyplace TV or get tips and tricks to master your smart- phone and other products and services. You can also just pose a question and a customer-service rep will get back to you. Drop by any time to join the conversation.

Don’t let the tech-talk on RedBoard fool you: the contributors on Rogers official blog keep jargon to a minimum. Check here for the latest news, announcements, staff picks, apps roundups and tips and tricks relating to products and services Rogers offers.

Years ago, long before Facebook and Twitter, forums were the original social media. A place to connect, share, learn and have a discussion with your peers on any topic. The Rogers Community Forums are where you can ask questions and get answers about Rogers products and services. Tip: start by asking your question in the search bar, as the answer may already be on the site some- where. If you don’t find an answer right away, post a question and another community member will surely help you out.

3 Social Media Tips from Rogers Community Manager Elise Ondet:

  1. Follow @RogersHelps for customer service and @RogersBuzz for news, info and promotions.
  2. If you have billing or account changes, ensure you’re following @RogersHelps, so that Rogers can direct message you to protect privacy.
  3. Never share private information publicly.

3 More Rogers Social Sites Worth Knowing:


Our editors and writers are on the ground covering everything from CES to the latest TV premieres to all the major device launches. We’ve also got all the latest news on Rogers products and services you need to stay ahead.

YouTube Features content seen on RedBoard, Connected Rogers, plus many helpful how-to videos.

Pinterest Interesting infographics, how-to guides, tech trends and vintage photos from the Rogers archives.

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