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Respond ASAP: With our devices pretty much glued to us, levels of expectation are pretty high. If you can’t reply in full, at least acknowledge with something like, “In meeting. Will hit you up soon!”

Keep it short and sweet: Generally, anything over 160 characters should be an email. Three or four full-up texts in a row, or a 10-minute game of text tennis warrants a phone call.

Use it to confirm: Likewise, texts are a great way to confirm meeting times, pick-up or date times, and general Yes/No type answers.

Verify addresses: Nothing bites more than sending a particularly personal or private message to the wrong person in your phonebook. Awkward for both parties.

Flirt with the one you love: A little steamy or romantic text can go a long way in a serious relationship. Less is more though; pick up in person where the text-tease left off (see “Sext” in the Don’t column…)


Sext: What are you, a US Senator? Not only is sexting kinda creepy, but considering the plethora of alternatives out there you can do better. Not that we’re judging.

Be ditzy: We totally get the importance of letting people know that you’re laughing out loud, but overdoing it with LOLs, ;-)s or LMFAOs is best left to your teenage nieces and nephews.

Text angry: Feel free to express mild frustration with a “Grrr” or “Ugh!” to the little things, but trying to resolve a volatile situation in a burst of 25-character retorts can get ugly fast. Remember, nuances like sarcasm and dry humour don’t translate well in text form.

Deliver bad news: Break-ups, firings or generally unfortunate events shouldn’t be announced through text messages.

Drunk text: Sure, texting your girlfriend “I love you” from the pub at 2am is sweet. Getting one at 2am that says “I kibe tou djkt46″: not so much.


Avo!d exc!amation po!nts: Sometimes they’re warranted, but punctuation marks are annoying to read and make you look buzzed on Red Bull. SAME GOES FOR USING ALL CAPS.

Use the word, not the number: Substituting “2″ for “to” looks like you’re in junior high. Does typing “l8r” really save you that much time?

Know what @ means: @ is a sign that shows you’re responding to or directly addressing a particular user or message. On some sites, it even tags that person.

Edit your work: Take a few seconds to review your messages so that you can correct for errant thumbs.

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