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You want the latest and greatest device as soon as it comes out. We understand! And thanks to Rogers FLEXtab, you don’t have to wait.

Get the phone of your dreams

You don’t have to wait until your contract expires before upgrading to the new device you want, thanks to Rogers FLEXtab. Pick the phone you want and pay a low initial amount when you sign up on a term agreement. The remaining balance becomes your FLEXtab. That balance is paid down automatically each month for as long as you keep your phone (watch the balance drop on If you want to upgrade to the latest device, you can pay off the balance any time and start a new FLEXtab with your new wireless device. Here’s an example: let’s say you saved $360 on your device by signing a three-year (36-month) FLEXtab agreement. Your balance decreases by $10 per month ($360÷36=$10) until you reach $0 – or after 36 months. In 12 months, you’ll have paid nearly $120, dropping your balance to $240. Keep going or pay off the balance at any time to upgrade.

For more details, visit

You love your device. You can’t live without it. So it makes sense to protect it against loss, theft or damage with the Rogers Device Protection Premium bundle. It’s like a bodyguard for your device.

Safeguard your new device

Wireless devices from Rogers automatically come with basic protection: if your device isn’t working properly and it’s still under warranty, bring it to a Rogers store and it will be sent for repair, often at no charge.

But if you want greater protection, get the Rogers Device Protection Premium* bundle. For just $9.99 per month ($11.99 for iPhones), you’re covered against loss, theft**, damage and/or mechanical and electrical malfunctions that
occur after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. In most cases, your same model replacement will be shipped in one to two business days. This package also includes Phone Finder & Anti-Theft, which let you locate your phone (25 lookups per month) and secure your personal info with lock, wipe or alarm functionality if your phone is lost or stolen.*** You also get Anti-Virus and live phone and chat access to a dedicated team of tech-support agents available to address almost any wireless device issue. It’s like having your own personal expert to call.

Alternatively, opt for Rogers TechXpert™ For Wireless package. For $7.99 per month, you get 25 Phone Finder lookups, Anti-Virus, Anti-Theft and access to those awesome tech-support agents. Finally, also available is the Device Protection Plus package ($7.99 per month; $9.99 for iPhones), which covers you against loss, theft, damage and malfunctions.

Visit a Rogers store to learn more and to enroll.

*Rogers Device Protection services are not available in MB or SK. **Lost/stolen coverage is not included in QC and NF. ***Anti-Theft is not available for iPhone users.

You like to save money, right? Of course you do. So get this: all you have to do to save up to $300 a year is spread the word about Rogers to, well, anyone who’ll listen!

Spread the word and save up to $300 a year

Telling your friends and family about Rogers phones and plans can really pay off. With the new Refer Your Friends program, when a new or existing Rogers customer you refer signs up for a two-year wireless term, you both receive up to $25 in bill credits. Over a year, you could get up to $300 or 12 months’ free service (whichever is less).

How does it work? Simply visit and send details to your friends. They’ll register on the same website and once they’ve signed up for a new Rogers wireless phone number – and return to the site to let Rogers know – Rogers will credit your account $25 and your referrals.*

To learn more, visit

*You must be a post-paid Rogers wireless customer with an active account in good standing; offer cannot be applied to your own new contract or renewal.

Your smartphone has had a good run, but that doesn’t mean the race is over. Hand it off to someone else so they can take it that extra mile.

Give your old phone a new life

It was once your precious new device, but now you’ve got your eye on a shinier toy. What to do with your old phone? Don’t let it gather dust in a drawer somewhere. When you trade up to the latest device, Rogers new Hand-Me-Down program makes it easy to pass your older phone to your partner, your kids or a friend. If the phone is already on a Rogers account, there’s no activation fee for the new user. Add an extra line to your Rogers family plan for as low as $18 per month, or switch to a Talk and Text Family Plan for just $56 a month for two lines (or $106 for Talk, Text and Internet). You’ll get unlimited texting and calling between plan members, plus the convenience of just one bill.

And here’s a special offer: give a loved one your old phone and they’ll get a sweet deal: a credit of up to $120 ($10 per month for 12 months) upon the activation of a new line.

Visit for details.

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