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Channelling the movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, divers Scott Wilson (left) and Andre Dupuis explore the globe’s deepest, darkest depths on their OLN show, Descending. Connected splashed around with the lads and got the skinny on the gadgets they can’t live without.

iPad: Sea Creatures 01: iPAD
Both Wilson and Dupuis rely heavily on their iPads, using them to look up dive spots and keep track of their busy travel schedule. “I use a lot of apps,” says Dupuis. “iDeco Pro lets me plan my dives, and Dive Log lets me log them.”
Angry Birds App: Sea Creatures 02: ANGRY BIRDS APP (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry Playbook, Google Chrome)
Long flights are part of the territory for the seasoned travellers, but the boys have become resourceful in the art of entertaining themselves. Dupuis, for one, favours Angry Birds: “I can kill an entire flight by playing it.”
PlayStation 3: Sea Creatures 03: PLAYSTATION 3
When he’s not discovering sunken shipwrecks or exploring the ocean floor, Dupuis can be found laying low with his PS3. His current fave? The Walking Dead, a zombie-slaying game based on the comic book/AMC show. “It’s a chance to escape from reality,” he says.
Suunto Hel02 Dive Computer: Sea Creatures 04: SUUNTO HEL02 DIVE COMPUTER
Diving is an incredible rush – but it also comes with risks. Monitoring your depth, gas intake and ascension speed is vital for a successful dive. Permanently affixed to his wrist, Wilson’s Suunto monitors how long he can safely spend underwater.
CANON EOS 5D Mark II: Sea Creatures 05: CANON EOS 5D MARK II
Wilson’s love for his favourite DSLR was recently tested when the ultra-light aircraft he was on plummeted into the water below, from 500 feet in the air. “We impacted the water, and I was thinking, I gotta get out of here before we sink,” says Wilson. “So with one hand I released the five-point harness [seatbelt] and with the other hand – I didn’t realize it until after – I was clutching my camera.” Ultimately destroyed by saltwater, his beloved Canon serves as a memento, and has been replaced by the same model

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