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Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb – Designed specifically for when you just want to enjoy some silent you time, this Reach Me Rule does just what it implies, by directly sending all incoming calls to your voicemail. You can even send all calls to voicemail between a certain time.

Ring My Numbers
Ring My Numbers – This fun and useful feature allows you to direct incoming calls to either your wireless phone or your computer. For example, when someone calls you, you can have your wireless device and home phone ring simultaneously.

Forward Call
Forward Calls – Like the traditional call forwarding, this feature allows you to set the number your calls are forwarded to. Use the dropdown menu to specify a contact in your address book or enter a number manually.

Big On Privacy
Big On Privacy – We all understand how important security and privacy are. That’s why Rogers One Number takes extra steps to ensure that users have the highest level of control possible. Not only does Rogers One Number give each member of your family their own login, message inbox and converged address book, but they each have the ability to set their own Reach Me Rules for their specs.

My Blocked Number – Perhaps one of the best features of Rogers One Number, Blocked Number allows you to set your own list of unwanted numbers. No more need to count on “Do Not Call” lists to keep you safe: now you can set your own.

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