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Connected Rogers


Email Integration

Rogers One Number is a communications one-stop shop. In addition to voice and video calls plus text messaging, you can also integrate your Gmail or Yahoo! email addresses to do more in one place. No more switching between browser windows or different applications – your accounts are there, so happy together.

Plays Nice With others

With a click, you can reply to a text message with an email or send a quick text message response to an email you’ve received. Rogers One Number keeps all your communications – whether via voice, video, text or email – in one place. You can easily pull up your full call history with a given contact with just a couple of clicks.

Easy Peasy Texting

When a text message comes in you can view and respond, with speed and precision, using your computer keyboard. Your text will still appear as though it’s coming from your wireless number.

Organized & Convenient

Rogers One Number offers you seamless communication. Not only does it have one number, one identity controlling multiple devices, but it’s also a hub for all your communications, right in front of you.

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