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These days, making sure everyone in your home has picture-perfect access to entertainment – online and through digital TV – is a no-brainer.  With so much amazing content now available, TV is more robust than ever.

That’s where NextBox 2.0 from comes in. Put simply, NextBox™ 2.0 is a whole-home entertainment system that lets you enjoy TV shows and movies from any room in your home.

Here’s how you can get the most out of it:

NextBox 2.0 Whole Home Entertainment System

A wall-defying whole-home experience, NextBox 2.0 will make your home the ultimate place for seamless entertainment. Read more >>

Get the Best TV Experience with NextBox 2.0

With NextBox 2.0, you get the best that TV has to offer with Rogers digital TV, Rogers On Demand, Rogers Anyplace TV and so much more. Read about how NextBox 2.0 can change the way you watch your favorite programming >>

How-To: Remotely Manage Your PVR with the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition App

Use your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to schedule, record, delete content from your Rogers PVR. Here’s how to do it >>

3 Most Useful Rogers Whole Home PVR Tools

Rogers Whole Home PVR lets you network up to seven NextBox HD Terminals throughout your house allowing you to maximize TV on your terms. Not sure how this would benefit you? Here are three reasons why Whole Home PVR will rule your house! >>

NextBox 2.0: Get a superior TV experience

You can get twice as many English movies and TV shows On Demand than you can with Fibe™. Find out what else NextBox 2.0 does that Bell Fibe™ TV can’t >>


™Fibe is a trademark of Bell Canada. ™Rogers Anyplace TV and NextBox are trademarks of or used under license from Rogers Communications Inc. or an affiliate. ©2013 Rogers Communications.

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10 thoughts on “NextBox 2.0: Your Ultimate TV Experience

Jeff, on said:

When will the new menu be available in NB?


nellie chen, on said:

There is no mention what the cost per month is.


Chris, on said:

There’s another important question to be answered: is this Canada-wide? Is it available in NB?


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Chris,
    This is currently available to Rogers customers in Ontario. Thank you for your inquiry.

Earl Fox, on said:

The info on Netbox does not make it clear if Netbox is an upgrade to current Digital boxes, and/or how one changes a Digital box to a Netbox.

Thank you.


Pam, on said:

How many shows can you record at one time on the main NextBox 2.0 and can you still watch a different program while these are being recorded.


Stan, on said:

Lots of information but you left out the most important information: Cost


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