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Imagine a high-end PC or Mac computer – the best, most powerful ones you can buy – going online via old-school dial-up internet. Despite being fast computers, browsing the web would still be pretty slow.

The same can be said about today’s incredible smartphones that aren’t on the Rogers LTE network. The latest and greatest smartphones these days are like mini-computers. And like the best computers, they have powerful processors inside that make them run really, really quickly. But, arguably, a smartphone is only as fast as the network on which it runs.

The trick, then, is to get an LTE-enabled phone and connect it online to an LTE network. That’s where Rogers comes in.

It’s now official: Rogers has the largest selection of LTE smartphones in Canada. No matter what platform you like – iOS (Apple), Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry – there’s an LTE-enabled smartphone for you.  The latest releases: the BlackBerry Z10, the LG Optimus G 2600, the Apple iPhone 5 and the Nokia Lumia 920. All smokin’ hot, all super fast – choosing comes down to your personal preferences and the OS you like best. And there are more coming soon.

Meantime, getting a wireless internet plan and connecting one of these super-fast devices to the Rogers LTE network puts your device in a whole other sphere. The Rogers LTE network delivers download speeds ranging, on average, from 12 to up to 40 Mbps (megabits per second). *That means downloads in a blink of the eye; lag- and stutter-free video streaming; gaming without worrying about a frozen screen – that’s what you can expect from Rogers LTE.

So what steps do you need to take to get on LTE?

1. Check our comprehensive list of Rogers LTE smartphones. (Get ready to catch your drool. These are some seriously slick devices.)

2. Try out the handy wireless internet calculator to see how much wireless internet you’ll need.

3. Peruse the list of wireless plans available and select one that’s best for you.

4. Get your phone and sign up for your plan! How? Visit a Rogers retail location or call 1-888-ROGERS1. *Visit for full legal and details.


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