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There are plenty of buying decisions that come down to one thing: price. And that makes sense – who doesn’t want the best price when shopping? But while you want to keep as many of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket as possible, you also want some extras when shopping around. You wouldn’t select a car on price alone, would you? You look at warranty, features, bonuses and other factors.

The same can be said when selecting a carrier for your next smartphone. And Rogers knows this. That’s why Rogers has a lot to offer – intangibles that, when you add them all up, prove that when choosing a smartphone and wireless provider, Rogers is a no-brainer.

Put yourself in one of these all-too-common situations – and see how Rogers solves your issue.

Issue #1: You fear locking into long term contracts.

Hey, we’ve all been there. You’re asked to sign a term contract, but you fear that your life situation could change and you’ll be with your current plan forever – or you’ll have to pay an exorbitant amount to change it. That’s not an issue with Rogers. Whether you want more wireless internet or talk time, Rogers lets you change your plan at any time for free (yup, free!) and as often as you need.

Issue #2: You like to always have the latest and greatest device.

Nobody understands the desire to always have the newest smartphone than us at Connected Rogers. We love gadgets, so we get it. And here’s the thing: Rogers gets it, too. That’s why they created FLEXtab, which lets you upgrade to a new phone simply by paying off your device balance. How it works is clearly described right here.

Issue #3: You aren’t the most tech-savvy person in the world.

You know your smartphone’s basics – you can make calls, and send emails, and browse Facebook – but you’re not necessarily sure how to, for example, connect to a Wi-Fi network, or pair your phone with a Bluetooth device. And your super tech-savvy friend or relative is getting just a little tired of your calls. That’s why Rogers launched Rogers TechXpert last year. Just a call or click away, the service gives you the freedom to contact a live personal support expert at any time, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Visit for details.

Issue #4: You’re a bit, well, clumsy. Or forgetful. Or both.

Hey, listen, we’re not judging. Who hasn’t lost their smartphone before? Or dropped their phone at least once? (Possibly twice. Or more. And maybe once in the toilet) These things happen to everyone, and it shouldn’t be a huge ordeal when they do happen. Rogers knows that, which is why they set up the Handset Protection Guarantee Program. From the online Phone Finder service, which helps you track a missing device, or remotely wipe files if it’s stolen; to antivirus protection; to lending you a temporary device to use while yours is getting fixed, Rogers has your back. Learn more here.

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4 thoughts on “Rogers Gives You The Smartphone Freedom Advantage

Heide Arnold, on said:

I would like to upgrade my phone. I need to be able to call through the week not just free weekends and be able to text. Can you help me? The stores in town have two people working and on the phone at the same time and I can not wait for hours. I also have an Android tablet that has Wi-Fi and I can not use it as I do not have Wi-Fi.


wayne cooper, on said:

I have been with Rogers for over 6 years with a cell phone. But now would like to step up to a smartphone, so what I need to know is how much?


Margaret Northway, on said:

At last, now I can start to understand some of the latest techy ‘toys’. What a world we now live in. cheers.


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