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This year, one in four Canadians will damage, lose or have their device stolen. It’s unfortunate, a pain and, quite simply, an expensive reality for many of us. But there are ways to protect yourself before anything like this happens. The Rogers Device Protection service keeps you in the clear should you lose, damage or otherwise misplace your device, so you’re always connected. After all, more of us rely on our mobile phones to work and for everyday life, so the last thing you want is to be, well, off the hook.

How does it work?

Let’s say your phone is damaged. Or it’s out of warranty, so any malfunctions are no longer covered by the device manufacturer. With Rogers Device Protection, you can file a service request, pay a replacement fee, and get a replacement delivered – in most cases, the next day. The same is true if you lose* your phone or it’s stolen*.

With Rogers Device Protection, your phone is protected from loss*, theft*, damage and/or mechanical and electrical malfunction, even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. It’s peace-of-mind for your device.

Now let’s say your device is lost or stolen. With Rogers Device Protection, you can register to remotely wipe or lock your device (available for select Blackberry and Android devices) so any personal information isn’t compromised or accessible. Locate your phone by signing up for Rogers Phone Finder, free to all Rogers Device Protection subscribers.

How do I get it?

There are several options when signing up. Rogers Device Protection costs $7.99/month ($9.99/Mo. for iPhone) and includes Anti-Theft and Rogers Phone Finder features. Or sign up for the Device Protection Premium service and also receive 24/7 technical support provided by Rogers TechXpert™ for Wireless. Cost is $9.99/month ($11.99/Mo. for iPhone).


Starting May 1st and running until May 31st, the standard 15-day enrollment window will not apply to our customers who have purchased a device in 2012 or 2013, allowing current Rogers customers who do not yet have Rogers Device Protection a second chance to enroll. Visit for more information.

* Lost/stolen coverage not included in Saskatchewan, Quebec or Newfoundland.

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