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Connected Rogers



Apps on your smartphone? Fun, but sort of old news.

Apps on your tablet? Cool, but still not too surprising.

Apps on your TV? Impossible! Or…is it?

Rogers has announced that its awesome Rogers Anyplace TV™ app – the app that  delivers live and on-demand content, from primetime shows and movies to live sports and kids programming – will now be preloaded onto LG Smart TVs. It’s the first video app of its kind in Canada that authenticates to Rogers customer accounts via Smart TVs.

What exactly does this mean for Rogers customers? How does it work? Simple: Rogers customers simply log into the Rogers Anyplace TV app on their LG Smart TV by creating a profile on If you’re a postpaid wireless, home phone and internet customer, you can then use the app to catch up on shows from City, Global and CBC. If you’re a Rogers Cable customer, you’ll have access to programming that you subscribe to through your TV package – think AMC, Treehouse, Slice and more. When it launches, the app will host more than 1,000 hours of content.

LG is the perfect company to partner with Rogers on this launch. A tech innovator, it launched the world’s first OLED and 84-inch Ultra HD TV – and is now the first Smart TV maker to offer Rogers Anyplace TV.

Rogers Anyplace TV will be available on 2012 and 2013 LG Smart TVs, including OLED and Ultra HD.


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