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Order & Chaos Online

Gameloft | AN, iOS

Run out of havoc to wreak with your level-60 Order & Chaos Online? Not to worry. Gameloft has released an update for the iOS edition of its popular RPG that includes a newly created playable race of blue-skinned Mendels, who are in a state of revolt against their evil masters, the Dark Elves.

Not interested in starting over again from scratch? A new area designed for high-level characters offers a chance to earn new loot. Bring along some friends and coordinate strategies, thanks to the introduction of a real-time voice chat feature.

Rounding out the iOS update are additional race-specific perks that confer minor bonuses in various abilities. Simply put, there are plenty of reasons, for lapsed or new players, to jump back into Order & Chaos Online.


Gameloft | AN, iOS

This polished, free-to-play isometric shooter has mobile gamers using one thumb to run around, and the other to aim a variety of weapons at seemingly never-ending hordes of walking dead.

Play as a stuntman working for shameless studios intent on taking advantage of the living dead just to shoot zombie films. It’s mindless stuff, but it’s so much fun.

World at Arms

Gameloft | AN, iOS

Playing the U.S. in a war game often means starting from a position of vast power. Not this time. An evil alliance called the KRA has decimated much of the nation, and it’s up to you to reconstruct its cities and armies. You’ll divide your time between managing the economy and zipping through fast-paced battles that require deft deployment and quick reflexes. Just like Obama.

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