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Handheld gaming is about to get a lot cooler in the Great White North. Sony Computer Entertainment Canada announced Tuesday an exclusive partnership with Rogers to provide wireless connectivity for the company’s soon-to-launch 3G-enabled PlayStation Vita, the first dedicated mobile game system designed to be online all the time, wherever you are.

3G Vita owners will be provided two month-to-month data options with no long-term commitments – a $15 250 MB package, which runs for 30 days from time of purchase, or the heavier 5 GB package for $35 per month. With a SIM card already installed in the device out of the box, users can pay through the Vita itself via a custom payment interface.

Set to launch October 2nd for $299.99, the Vita 3G comes with features that will help players take advantage of its constant connectivity capability, including on the spot access to new downloadable game content, community news, and current leader boards, plus turn-based, asynchronous multiplayer gameplay – a great way to stay in the game on the go without eating up too much data.

3G connectivity also means players will be able to take full advantage of the Vita’s unique social networking features, including the location-based Near app. Near lets Vita owners connect with one another, exchange game “gifts,” and search for rare items found only by visiting other cities.

“With access to the Rogers 3G wireless network, PlayStation Vita owners will be able to stay connected with their friends and experience PS Vita’s rich social gaming features virtually wherever they are,” said Stephen Turvey, Vice President and General Manager, SCEC.

Keep an eye on Connected for details on the availability of the device.

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