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6 Pro HDR Camera2


$2 | Android, iOS
Don’t you hate it when a perfect moment presents itself but the backlighting is so bright that all the faces look too dark? High dynamic range (HDR) technology captures your image’s highlights, then takes a second photo for the shadows, creating a perfect exposure when the two are combined.


7 Pictures Lab

Pictures Lab

$3 | Windows Phone
Windows Phone’s answer to iOS’s CameraBag app, Picture Lab is all you need for adding filters and effects to your pictures. Included: Tilt Shift (miniature faking), HDR, Lomo, Soften, Auto Adjust, Sharpen, Comic, Bulge, B&W, Sepia and more. Basically, anything you’d ever need in an effects app.


8 Dynamic Light

Dynamic Light

$1 | iOS
This app lets you get the most out of what would otherwise look normal. Make a clear blue sky dark and looming, or add grittiness to a photo for unique flair. Choose from up to 12 filters that you can add to shots in your camera roll or on the fly.

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