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Television has come a long way since Leave It to Beaver. Not only have programs become much better, with movie-quality shows such as Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones, but how we watch TV has changed, too. Gone are the days of one-TV households. Now, at any given moment, an entire household – mom, dad, brother, sister – can tune into several programs at once, on multiple devices, including portable ones.

Of course, if you’re a Rogers Digital TV customer, you’re already aware of the high-quality, largely free On Demand programming. But what you might not know is, there are four ways to access On Demand – on your TV; streamed online at Rogers Anyplace TV onto your laptop or tablet; through an Xbox 360 gaming console; and with the Rogers On Demand Beta mobile app for select smartphones.

Watch It! Online

Watch It! Online | Rogers Anyplace TV

Nothing beats turning on your laptop or tablet and almost instantly watching a favourite TV show. Rogers Anyplace TV offers free streaming programming to anyone in Canada, including hot, new shows Modern Family and Two Broke Girls. If you’re a Digital TV subscriber, you can also view many channels that are part of your TV subscription. While most Rogers On Demand programming is free, you can also rent a movie – there are more than 1,100 to choose from, from blockbusters to classics to foreign films.

Get the scoop – Visit Rogers Anyplace TV Newsletter and sign up for “The Scoop” for updates on upcoming movies, TV shows and special programming.

Sports nuts, rejoiceRogers Anyplace TV is now streaming Sportsnet and Leafs TV games free for customers who subscribe to Sportsnet and Leafs TV through their Rogers TV package. All regular-season Leafs games broadcasted on Sportsnet and Leafs TV will be available to watch, plus additional On Demand programming such as Game in Six Minutes and Game in One Hour.

Visit Rogers Anyplace TV to register (it’s free). Rogers Digital TV customers: enter your account info so you can access the same great shows you get through your TV service.

Watch It! On TV

Watch It! On TV | Rogers Anyplace TV, channel 100

Nothing beats the at-home big screen. There you are, sitting pretty in a big comfy chair, Rogers remote in hand, popcorn at the ready – all set for some prime-time action.

Rogers Anyplace TV offers tons of free content to Rogers Digital TV customers, including new episodes of hit TV shows from Citytv and Global, plus entire series’ worth of episodes that you can choose to watch whenever you like, just by selecting and pressing play.

Of course, what would be home viewing without a bevy of great movies. Rogers anyplace TV features everything from just-released Hollywood blockbusters to international films across 13 languages (visit the Multicultural Zone on Channel 800). Ah, home comfort!

Get it! – Channel 100 free with your Digital TV subscription (movie rentals start at $3.99)

Watch It! On Your Smartphone

Watch It! On Your Smartphone | Rogers On Demand Mobile Android App

You’re heading out the door, smartphone in hand. With a 30-minute commute in front of you, there’s never a dull moment thanks to the Rogers On Demand Beta mobile app. As long as you’re connected to the Rogers 3G or LTE mobile network or any Wi-Fi, you can stream full episodes of primetime shows including Mad Men, check out a film from The Movie Network, learn some DIY tricks from W Network, and much more. Or maybe you’re out for the day with your kids in tow. Quickly tune in to kids programming from Disney Junior, Treehouse, YTV and the Family Channel.

Visit the Android Market – coming soon to iPhone, as well – to download the app.

Got a PVR? BlackBerry, Android and iPhone users can program it remotely with the Rogers Remote TV Manager app. Visit an app store to download the free app.

Watch It! Through your Xbox 360 | Rogers Anyplace TV

Watch It! Through your Xbox 360 | Rogers Anyplace TV

Take a break from gaming and turn your Xbox 360 console into a movie-watching, TV-viewing machine! If you’re already an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, simply log into your Rogers Anyplace TV account on the new Rogers anyplace TV Xbox app and flip through hundreds of movies and TV shows using your gaming remote. Got a Kinect? Use your hands or voice as the remote – how fun is that!

Get it -Must have Xbox Live Gold subscription and be registered with Rogers Anyplace TV.

Want to know more about PVR and how you can access it remotely? Check out our informative how-to!

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