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Taking your entertainment experience to the next level means solving those pesky TV viewing problems that cause you and yours strife. Some call it keeping the peace while others call it peace of mind, but ensuring everyone in your home has seamless access to entertainment – online and through Rogers Digital TV – is a definite must-do. That’s where NextBox 2.0 comes in. NextBox 2.0 is what’s next in television – a combination of TV and internet services, along with all the hardware you need, so you can enjoy TV shows and movies from any room in your home. Here are some key features and how they can work for you.

Whole Home PVR

NextBox 2.0 includes Whole Home PVR, which allows you to network up to eight NextBoxes (no more than two NextBox HD PVRs and seven Nextbox HD Terminals) hooked up to TVs throughout your home, so you can watch recorded programs from each PVR on any TV and on up to four sets at once.

You don’t need a TV to watch your favourite shows anymore!

With NextBox 2.0, you can stream Rogers Live TV – for free – to your tablet while connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Download the free Live TV app from the iTunes App Store or for Android from Google Play, log in with your My Rogers profile and enjoy live programming from lots of channels – no TV required.

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