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Plenty of things about television – and the way we watch it – have evolved since the dawn of cathode-ray tubes and wonky rabbit-ear antennae, but change has been happening at warp speed in recent years and Rogers™ NextBox™ 2.0 is at the forefront of a whole new level of awesome.

Think of NextBox 2.0 as your all-in-one best friend when it comes to entertainment – it’s your digital TV, PVR, remote control and internet services rolled into one incredible package. With NextBox 2.0, your TV viewing is no longer limited to a few dozen channels and whatever happens to be airing when you turn on your set. Now, you’ve got a wealth of programming at your fingertips. You can catch up on all your favourite shows – whenever you’d like – and watch brand new movies the same day they’re released on DVD. Plus, you can pause and rewind live TV, enjoy time-shifting channels from the east and west coasts, and much more.

The world of TV and home entertainment today is light years beyond what it was just 20 years ago. Here’s a look at a few more ways NextBox 2.0 has enhanced and elevated the TV-watching experience since 1993.

NOW: You can watch live TV on your tablet from anywhere in your home.

THEN: You went to the TV, the TV didn’t come to – or with – you. Watching live TV meant heading to the living room or basement or whichever room in the house boasted the cable hook-up, and sitting in front of your bulky tube-television set. Portability? Not so much.

NOW: You can search TV listings and change channels with your tablet and our integrated app.

THEN: If you didn’t have a subscription to TV Guide or a copy of the listings from your local newspaper, finding out what was airing when became a guessing game… or an extended round of channel surfing. And that channel surfing meant relying on the lone remote control and hoping its batteries hadn’t died.

NOW: You can see who’s calling with Caller ID right on your TV.

THEN: Inevitably, while sitting down for the season finale NYPD Blue or game five of the Stanley Cup Playoffs or a gripping movie of the week starring Cheryl Ladd, the phone would ring at the most suspenseful, climactic moment of whatever you were watching. To get up from your comfy couch and answer it or not – that was the question.

NOW: You can enjoy thousands of titles online with Rogers Anyplace TV™.

THEN: You were at the programming mercy of television executives and were stuck with whatever they chose to put on their schedules. (On television, of course, not the then-embryonic, text-only internet.) Primetime options consisted of four American networks, three Canadian networks, a few of premium-cable channels and a dozen or so local and affiliate stations. If you didn’t like what was on, well, you were out of luck.

NOW: You can record 2 HD channels at once.

THEN: Recording your favourite shows could turn into the Sophie’s Choice of entertainment – with a VCR only able to record one channel at a time, and a VHS tape capable of recording a maximum of six hours (eight if you bought the expensive kind!), you needed to choose wisely. Four amazing shows all on at the exact same time? You had to watch one, tape one, hope someone you knew had an available VCR to record the third and, probably and sadly, forsake the fourth.

To learn more about NextBox 2.0, visit

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37 thoughts on “NextBox 2.0: A Game Changer

Thomas, on said:

All this stuff is great but PLEASE – these Netbox systems – they need to allow you to pick the update times for software updates – being a late night tv watcher – nothing is more annoying than watching a paid for movie and the Netbox decides to update itself at 2:00 AM- that’s what I call being DIS "CONNECTED" other than that they are a good system.


barry, on said:

how much????? nextbox as advertised


Frank Langille, on said:

"Anyplace TV" but they don’t tell you up front that watching these things on your tablets and other wireless devices is going to cost you extra!



another thing by the way how would we bundle that up or how would we do that to get all those channels let me know please.



yes nextbox 2. seems good and all but whats the price to pay monthly , must be a arm and a leg the way things been going lately.


Norman Robinson, on said:

Can I upgrade to Nextbox 2.0 free of charge?


Brian, on said:

We recently bundled our home phone, Internet and cable, why were we not given the net box option at that transaction?

Also I have had issues with the digital box recently installed.Today for example, the HD channels are not being shown in HD.


Alan Hill, on said:

More pay per veiw?? No tour de France. no confederation cup. no top games in the premier soccer. You are loosing me and s lot more.


Anne Lescan, on said:

My husband is quadrapelegic. Can the nextbox be controlled by voice command????? Or can it be programed to automatically change channels? I have asked this several times , but it seems that being paralyzed is such a small minority of the population, that you can`t be bothered to send me an answer!! Maybe it is time to think about switching to Bell, at least I know their box can change channels automatically. I hope somebody at Rogers reads this!!!!!!!!!!!


lisa, on said:

I have the normal box that comes with the standard Rogers TV, and was told that I cannot watch some channels until I get a digital box, can you tell me what channels these include as I have spoken to an agent on the phone as well as an agent at the Markville Mall and could not get any answers. Thanking you for your assistance in this matter.


Nilo, on said:

need more imfo like is there any extra charge from what we already have. or is this a free
service from excellent customers like us please let us know soon.


Raphael Cortez Napasa, on said:

very interesting device.


R.A.Maginnis, on said:

I am an older viewer and I find your NextBox very poor.
I am sure that it has many features, but the ones I use are awful!
it takes a long time to load, long time to change channel, the search feature is awful, fast forward, reverse, pause, all have a black bar blocking the bottom of the scream making it impossible to read any captions, there is no slow motion.
But worst of all you don’t have any complaint procedure about your service in general.


Brenda Hossack, on said:

How do I find out how to get Internet services such as facebook or Youtube on my TV and could I have some prices. Can these price be put on a bundles program??


Sharon and John Rogers, on said:

We were very interested in the Nextbox 2, however because we originally bought our PVR and receiver 4 years ago, you do not have any deals for people like us who do not want to increase their monthly bill, but would rather own the equipment.


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Sharon & John,
    The NextBox 2.0 is available in retail stores within Rogers’ cable footprint. There are several options: rent, rent-to-own, and purchase. You can find this info on under TV – Hardware, or reach out to @RogersHelps on Twitter or at – they’ll be happy to discuss these options further.

Al Bradley, on said:

Hi. I currently have the Scientific Atlanta PVR which is 3 years old that I purchased from Rogers. If I wanted to update to Nextbox, would Rogers give me anything towards trade-in value for the PVR I now have?


NP, on said:

What I do not like is when I want to watch on my Ipad in my condo bedroom even with a range extender the signal is very poor.


William Campbell, on said:

Sounds Grrrrrrrreat!!!!!!

When will it be free?


murray patterson, on said:

you say nextbox 2 can do certain things but you never tell us how to get them or what to do to get them


Don Taylor, on said:

I have the nextbox 210, with a brand new 39 inch Samsung, high def, L.E.D with the box, not just for watching and recording, the picture is so clear it,s almost 3.d I love it


Lou F. W. Israel, on said:

Sounds like a great idea, although not sure how much more I get from the PVR I currently own. I am interested.
Now what?


Sharon L., on said:

I have the Nextbox and I don’t like it. For some inane reason you have decided to omit the release date of movies from the guide. Why????

Also, the font is too small. The older guide was way better.


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Sharon,
    We’re happy to say that you’ll now find the year of a film in the description. Thanks for your comments.

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