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Navigating TV programming is a breeze with NextBox’s *new* Interactive Program Guide. Now in 16:9 HD format, new content is flagged, show descriptions pop up without using the INFO button but most importantly it is FASTER than ever before.

Rogers Anyplace TV, Rogers NextBox 2.0, Interactive Program Guide
A New Menu – An easy-to-use new menu system allows you to change your settings, set up favourite channels, view your local weather and more, at the touch of a button.




Interactive Program Guide Search Nextbox 2.0
Advanced Search – Find what you crave on TV. But if that’s not simple enough, you can also search by actor, genre or even keyword (cyborgs, anyone?!). Your results are organized into folders for quick access, and it’s compliant with parental control settings




Interactive Program Guide nextbox 2.0 Weather App
Weather App – The new weather app displays five days-worth of local weather and is available from any channel. Just press D and The Weather Network’s five-day forecast will pop up on your screen.




Interactive Program Guide nextbox 2.0 Rogers On Demand
Rogers On Demand, channel 100 – Browse through thousands of HD movies, shows, music videos and more simply by pressing the On Demand button on your remote. Finding the movie you want is easier (and more fun!) than ever because you can now browse through a list of movie posters.




FYI existing Rogers customers! You will need to opt-in to experience the wonders of our *new* Interactive Program Guide and reap its benefits. You know you want it – so visit to find out how to get it.

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