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Photo by Matt Barnes

When it comes to Canadian talent and technology, few have embraced the world of tweets, podcasts and social media as much – or with as much humour – as comedian Seán Cullen. The former Corky and the Juice Pigs front man and current panel member on the Comedy Network’s reboot of Match Game regularly connects with his fans and followers via Twitter (@mrseancullen), Facebook and via his weekly podcast, The Seánpod. Yet, he admits he doesn’t consider himself tech-savvy. “I’m an artist, not a technician,” Cullen says. “Most of the tech that I like is stuff that I don’t have to pore through manuals to use.”

This month, Cullen will perform at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. Connected Rogers grabbed a few minutes with him to talk about his favourite gadgets, software and apps.

1. iPhone 4S

Cullen says his iPhone is the most prominent piece of tech in his life, both personally and professionally. “I use it all the time to text back and forth with my wife,” he says, adding that “social media is a big part of my career. I tweet. I have to keep in touch with my fan base and grow it.”

2. Zoom Portable Digital Recorder

Interviews are a key component to Cullen’s weekly podcast, and his Zoom recorder makes for a handy companion. “It’s hard to get people into the studio to do an interview,” Cullen explains, “but if I’m on the set of Match Game, I can sit down and turn it on and have a quick interview. It delivers very good quality and it’s very portable.”

3. MacBook Pro

“I write a lot, and my writing is usually done on my MacBook Pro,” Cullen says. “I take it with me everywhere. I can’t go anywhere without it because I’m constantly juggling four careers at once, and I try to fit writing in whenever I can.” He cites ease of use as a big draw of Apple’s line of products. “I like Macs because they’re very intuitive and made for people who aren’t computer-heads. Like me.”

4. Novel-writing Software

Though best known for his work on stage, Cullen is also an award-winning writer, having penned five novels (three in his Hamish X young-adult series, and two in his new Chronicles of the Misplaced Prince series). For a time, he was using StoryMill, “which helps you construct a novel, and helps you build characters and scenes,” says Cullen. “It helps you keep track of everyone in the book, plot points and such.” But, looking for a change, he’s switched to Scribner. “It’s excellent novel-writing software,” he says, “and I’m using that now for my sixth novel.”

5. Final Draft Scriptwriting Software

“When I’m writing screenplays, I use Final Draft 8,” says Cullen. “It really helps you keep track of changes. It formats really easily and it’s an industry standard. It’s great for correcting and editing scripts, too. It’s my favourite scriptwriting software.”

6. TweetCaster Pro

Anyone who follows Cullen on Twitter knows he tweets about his work, his thoughts and just about everything in between. He’s prolific and uses TweetCaster Pro to manage his Twitter life. “It organizes panes, tells you who’s talking about you or has mentioned you,” he explains. “You can figure out how many of your followers are online, and it manages your feeds and sends you trends.”

7. Nun Attack

“I always feel that if I’m playing games, I’m wasting my time because I have so many things that I have to get done,” says Cullen… just before admitting that this new game has managed to capture his attention. “I’ve been playing Nun Attack, which I enjoy,” he says. “It’s these hot nuns who fight against demons and have different weapons. It’s quite funny.”

8. GateGuru App

As a frequent traveller, Cullen relies on this app to let him know what to expect at a given airport when he arrives. “GateGuru tells you what’s around the gate that you’re going to be landing at when you fly,” Cullen says. “It’ll tell you what’s available to you at that gate, or in that terminal.”

9. Runtastic Apps

Cullen stays in shape with a quartet of apps from fitness-company Runtastic. “I do sit-ups and push-ups and pull-ups and squats,” he says. “They’ve got four different apps that tell you when to work out, when to increase your sets and that sort of thing. I don’t really get to the gym that often because I don’t have time, so I can do these whenever.”

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