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An icon of Canadian broadcasting, Toronto-based CityNews anchor Gord Martineau has been with Citytv for more than 35 years – a time that’s seen dramatic changes in how news is collected and disseminated. “In my industry, you have to stay on top and learn about the latest ENG (electronic news-gathering) capabilities,” he says. An avid cyclist and philanthropist, Martineau is also a father. Here’s how he stays connected.

Smartphone: iPhone 5

I got it about four months ago. I was a BlackBerry guy prior to that, mainly for the keyboard. On the iPhone, I’m much slower at typing. Sometimes a text reply from my wife is nothing but her laughing. The lesson: Vet what you type. What auto-correct teaches you to do is edit and proof what you say before you click “send.”

Tablet: iPad

I don’t use it so often for work – the iPhone is better for that – but what’s great is its portability. I have a 37-inch iMac at home, but rarely use it anymore, except for larger projects. I don’t have an add-on keyboard for the iPad – I know some people who use them – but the keyboard on it works fine enough for me.

Flipboard App

I spend most of my time online reading newspaper and information sites, searching for alternate points of view, whether from Huffington Post or the L.A. Times. Flipboard is usually a good starting point.

I’m a big automotive fan. This site is really well-written and explains why one car is better than another, why it’s overpriced, its long-term roadability and all aspects of the automotive industry.


It’s been a big help in spreading the word about my charity, the Herbie Fund, which helps children in Third-World countries get surgeries they desperately need. In April, I was in the Philippines and took some pictures and video, which were quickly uploaded to Facebook for everyone to see. We often post updates about past patients, as well.

My Bicycle

I sometimes go on two-hour bike rides, and I’ve been really thinking about getting a CatEye bicycle computer. It lets you track how many miles you’ve travelled, among other things.

Most wanted gadget: CatEye bicycle computer



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