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Photo by Aaron Bird

To say that Saskatoon-born, Toronto-based MC, beatmaster and music producer Muneshine is prolific is a total understatement. He’s collaborated with some of Canada’s best – making beautiful beats for rappers D-Sisive, Shad, Maestro Fresh Wes and too many others to name. Lyrics from the title track of his latest album, There Is Only Today, say it all – “I wake up in the AM, BlackBerry buzzing / I could sleep in, but my BlackBerry doesn’t.” In ever-growing demand, Muneshine needs to constantly stay on top of his game. We asked him how he does it:


What is the first thing you do when you wake up? 

“I use my Blackberry for everything – even as an alarm clock. First thing I go through my BBMs, emails, Facebook messages and tweets from fans. It’s an inspiring way to start my day.”


Besides being a talented rapper, you’re also an accomplished music producer. Your beats are used by rappers, bands and singers around the world. How do you connect with them?

“Networking through the internet has been essential throughout my career – even before social networking. It’s given me the opportunity to collaborate with many international artists like Pete Rock (USA), The Herbaliser (UK) and Garion (Korea). My BlackBerry keeps me on top of my work while I’m touring in Canada and abroad – I am constantly sharing resources, sending and receiving files, doing research and even releasing music.”


How important is it for you to be plugged into your social media on the go and why? 

“Very important. I get a lot of inquires for work via my social network. Being able to respond quickly ensures that I can stay on top of it all.”


What do you use your device for most?

“Everything! The majority of my social networking takes place on Twitter where I communicate directly with my fans, friends and even family. My Twitter app gets a lot of play (@Muneshine). I’m also always updating my Facebook page with new material – songs, videos and photos. I also use my BlackBerry for email, texting, BBM, listening to beats – but most importantly I use Notepad for writing most of my lyrics.”

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